A Simple Road Map to Personalized Learning

Abbie Eklund with James Rickabaugh


Our guest says that personalized learning is essentially about sharing power with students.  Join us for a four-step guide to enable personalizing instruction for every child.

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Habits of Mind: What We Do When We Don't Know the Answer

Rachael George with Bena Kallick and Art Costa


Join us for a fascinating discussion about cultivating the habits of mind that enable us to respond effectively when clear answers are unavailable.

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Cultivating Literate Students in a New Media World

Dan Kreiness with  Dr. Faith Rogow


The types, scope, and impact of new media are changing the way we think, talk, teach and define literacy. Join us for a fresh look at literacy in a new media world.

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Why Principals Must Earn the Right to Lead: Six Steps to Get There

Adam J. Brown Ed.D. with Bobb Darnell


Join us as we unpack the top six leadership behaviors that drive optimism and commitment.

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Getting Beyond Labeling Students Based on Deficits

Chaunte Garrett with Toby Karten


Labeling students have both obvious and unintentional consequences. Our guest shares strategies for constructively building on the strengths of students with special needs.

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Smart Ways to Integrate Student Reflection into Student Assessment

Myron Dueck with Matt Wachel


Our guest turns conventional student assessment upside down. Join us as he shares a practical strategy to more effectively evaluate student progress.

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