Strategies to Balance Student Engagement with Deeper Learning

Brian Smith with Drs. William & Pérsida Himmele


What does it take to achieve high levels of student engagement along with higher order thinking and deep learning? 

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Smart, Simple Dos and Don'ts for the First Week of School

Mike Janatovich with Otis Kriegel


It's back to school season.  Join us as the author of a new book about starting school right shares his top dos and don'ts. 

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Crafting Intriguing Questions That Drive Deeper Learning

Mike Janatovich, Erik Francis


What is the difference between higher order thinking and depth of knowledge?  How can the right questions drive each of these?

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These 6 Tips Will Help Students Make Powerful Presentations

Jusmar Maness with Erik Palmer


The ability to make compelling presentations is one of the  most important skills students need to learn.  Here are six tips to help your students.

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Creating Riveting Lesson Plans with Gamified Instruction

Brian Smith with Jonathan Cassie


Join us to learn how the principles  of "games" can fire up your lesson plans and drive passionate student engagement.

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