Understanding How Emotions Support Student Learning

Jusmar Maness and Allison Posey


We now know that feelings are a powerful driver of student engagement. Join us as we talk about how to design learning experiences that tap into the power of emotion.

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Teaching Empathy in a Self-Centered, Self-Absorbed Culture

Anthony Rebora and Michele Borba


Our guest says that today's students are smart and self-assured, but they are also the most self-centered, competitive, individualistic, sad and stressed on record. Her solution is teaching empathy, and in this episode, she offers a nine-point model for teaching empathy in our schools.

EL article: Nine Competencies for Teaching Empathy 

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Helping Students Break Through the Barriers to Loving Math

Kyle Hamstra and Monica Neagoy


Our traditional process of teaching often kills students' interest in mathematics. Join us as we look at instructional strategies for fostering a passion and capacity for math.

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In Sync: How Teachers and Principals Work Together Effectively

Jusmar Maness and Jill Harrison Berg


Neither teachers nor principals can improve students' performance alone. Close cooperation is essential. Join us as we talk about the keys to synchronizing the efforts of teachers, leaders, and principals.

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Challenging Traditional Ideas About Managing Your Time

Rachael George and PJ Caposey 


What can be said about time management that we have not already heard?  Our guest approached the topic with a different lens and challenges us to rethink how we tackle the time issues in our lives.

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Creating a Deeply Caring Community in School and Beyond

Mike Janatovich and Barbara Coloroso


Hating, hoarding, and harming are tearing apart our schools and our communities. Our guest takes bullying prevention to another level with her vision for proactively creating communities of deep caring.  

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