Challenging Traditional Ideas About Managing Your Time

Rachael George and PJ Caposey 


What can be said about time management that we have not already heard?  Our guest approached the topic with a different lens and challenges us to rethink how we tackle the time issues in our lives.

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Creating a Deeply Caring Community in School and Beyond

Mike Janatovich and Barbara Coloroso


Hating, hoarding, and harming are tearing apart our schools and our communities. Our guest takes bullying prevention to another level with her vision for proactively creating communities of deep caring.  

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Why Behavior Charts Are at Odds with Known Best Practices

Anthony Rebora and Lee Ann Jung, Ph.D.


The use of behavior charts can be effective for short-term compliance. However, there is substantial evidence that shaming students is counterproductive in the big scheme of educating our students.

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Effective Homework Practices: Myths and Misconceptions

Abbie Eklund and Cathy Vatterott


Homework is an ongoing source of debate and angst for many educators, students, and parents. Our guest believes that homework reform can be a catalyst for total school reform.  Join us as we look at homework myths and misconceptions, and rethink the possibilities.

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Project Based Teaching: How to Create Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences

Rachael George with John Larmer and Suzie Boss


Project-based learning is on the rise. Our guests collaborate with the Buck Institute to establish the gold standard to help teachers succeed with this instructional method.

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Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains

Rachael George and Dr. Donna Wilson


Our guest walks us through the cognitive strategies students need to manage their learning and offers insights on teaching students how, when, and where to use these skills.

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