Rethinking Underachievement: Helping Students to Level Up

  Rachael George with Dr. James R. Delisle 


Most of us agree that underachievement is a challenge for educators, but we differ on how we define underachievement and strategies to raise academic performance. Join us as we rethink how we define underachievement and how we can reverse poor student performance. 

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Rethinking School Discipline: New Challenges, New Solutions

Abbie Eklund with Richard L. Curwin


Every experienced educator in the world has likely noticed that student discipline challenges have changed.  Our guest offers new solutions for a new generation.

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Reflective Practice: Growing by Developing Your Metacognitive Skills

Val Brown with Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral


What is involved in building a culture of reflective practice in your school, and why does it matter? Our guests provide answers and a roadmap for growing by developing your metacognitive skills.

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Why Equity Should Matter to All Educators, How to Get There

Adam J. Brown Ed.D. with Nancy Frey and Dominique Smith


Join us for a practical discussion about equity in our schools, why equity is important, and how to move the equity discussion from concept to reality. 

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Are You Making a Difference, How Do You Know?

Kyle Hamstra with Victoria L Bernhardt


Educators are always striving to improve. But how do we know if we are truly making a difference? Our guest has developed an effective tool for setting up and measuring our school improvement programs.

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How Spider Web Discussions Drive Student Directed Learning

Matt Wachel with Alexis Wiggins


Join us as we define spider web discussions and how they can powerfully engage students,  drive learning, and encourage student voice. 

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