Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us

Chaunte Garrett with Jeffrey Benson


Teaching challenging students comes with the territory of any classroom. Our guest offers strategies for dealing with students who push the limits of our skills.

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Supporting Arts Integration in Your Classroom

Rachael George with Amanda Koonlaba, Ed.S., NBCT


Many schools have seen a waning commitment to arts integration.  Our guest explains why art remains an important part of a good curriculum and how to support art in your classroom.

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The Keys to Transforming Curriculum, Engagement, and Learning

Chaunte Garrett with Michael Fisher


Join us for a dive into how we can transform learning by transforming our perspective and practice. 

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Three Smart Tips for New Principals

Rob Pennington with Jen Schwanke 


Being a new principal is exciting, challenging, scary and filled new things to learn quickly. Our guest offers a quick start guide. 

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