How to Use Grading to Improve Learning

Adam J. Brown Ed.D. with Susan Brookhart


At a time when many educators are challenging the value, efficacy, and process of grading, our guest points the way toward using grading to improve learning.

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Managing the Dynamics of School Change

  Jusmar Maness with Ellie Drago-Severson and Jessica Blum-DeStefano


School change is easy to discuss but much harder to successfully manage. Our guests share a framework to guide effective school change initiatives.

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Strategies for Building Relationships with Students in Poverty

  Mike Janatovich with William Parrett and Kathleen Budge


Join us as we discuss how our cultural conditioning and expectations impact our ability as educators to help students in poverty. We close by looking at strategies for success.

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Rethinking Underachievement: Helping Students to Level Up

  Rachael George with Dr. James R. Delisle 


Most of us agree that underachievement is a challenge for educators, but we differ on how we define underachievement and strategies to raise academic performance. Join us as we rethink how we define underachievement and how we can reverse poor student performance. 

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Rethinking School Discipline: New Challenges, New Solutions

Abbie Eklund with Richard L. Curwin


Every experienced educator in the world has likely noticed that student discipline challenges have changed.  Our guest offers new solutions for a new generation.

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