Read, Write, Lead: Creating a Powerful Culture of Learning

Mike Janatovich with  Regie Routman


In this segment, our guest offers practical tips for empowering teachers, students, and all stakeholders to produce a culture of learning. 

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Three Ways to Make Summer Professional Development Better

Amanda Koonlaba, Ed.S. with Fred Ende


Summer time is professional development season. Our guest offers three ways to make PD more meaningful.

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Teaching Students to Ask Why, Where, What Is the Reason?

Rachael George and Erik Francis


Teaching students to ask better questions is the way to get your kids to think more deeply about their learning.

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How We Can Fix the Biggest Problem Created by Homework

Matt Wachel and Jon Bergmann


For some time homework has been the subject of a growing debate.  Join our guest as he proposes a solution to the biggest problem created by sending school work home with our students.

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