Math Best Practices: Do You Know Them When You See Them?

Larry Ferlazzo with Jill Henry and David Wees


So many instructional strategies, so little time.  Join us for tips on finding the best practices for identifying best practices.

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What Many Policy Makers Don't Understand About Schools

Larry Ferlazzo with Jennie Magiera, Amanda Koonlaba, and Dr. Sanée Bell


Many policymakers have good intentions, but they often lack a practical understanding of the realities in classrooms, schools, and communities.

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How to Ask Better Questions to Maximize Student Learning

Larry Ferlazzo with Jeri Asaro, Dan Rothstein


Most of us know that asking the right questions can be profoundly stimulating to the process of learning. But all questions are not created equal. Join us as we go searching for strategies for putting more compelling questions in front of our students.

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What Are the Most Exciting Developments in Education Today?

Larry Ferlazzo with Tricia Hyun, Sarah Thomas 


The world of education is arguably changing more rapidly than ever before in history. What are the most exciting developments in education today?

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