What Are the Real Benefits of a 1:1 Program? What Are the Biggest Challenges?

Larry Ferlazzo with Alice Barr, Dr. Troy Hicks


In this segment we explore the many benefits of providing every student with a portable computing device and some of the biggest potential pitfalls of setting up a 1:1 program.

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How Can We Get All Students in Our Classes Thinking and Learning All the Time?

Larry Ferlazzo with Bill and Pérsida Himmele, Jim Peterson


The goal of most teachers is to achieve full participation, from all students, all the time. But is this possible? If so, how? Our guests share their best strategies and insights.

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What Are the Five Best Practices to Promote Better Student Learning

Larry Ferlazzo with Diana Laufenberg, Jeff Charbonneau


In this segment we ask two teachers to identify what they believe are the five most effective things any teacher can do to promote better learning.

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What Do We Need to Do to Better Support English Language Learners?

Larry Ferlazzo with Karen Nemeth, Judie Haynes

pic The number of English language learners is on the rise. In the segment we look at the different standard ways in which we approach these learners in pursuit of the best strategies.

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