Teaching English Language Learners (ELLs): Five Strategies That Work

Larry Ferlazzo with Judie Haynes, Ann Zehr 


The number of English language learners is growing each year. This is creating an array of challenges for teachers and school districts. In this segment we look at several teaching strategies that are very effective with ELLs. 

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The 10 Best Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary in the Classroom

Larry Ferlazzo with Katie Brown, Marilee Sprenger


Teaching vocabulary is integral to all content areas.  In this segment we ask our guests to share their best strategies for teaching vocabulary. 

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Maker Movement, DYI, 3D Printers: New Fad or Real Path to 21st Century Skills?

Larry Ferlazzo with Laura Blankenship 


The maker movement, DIY and  3D printers are hot in education today. In this segment we define each and explore their real value in preparing kids for the future. 

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What Is Your Advice to Educators Who Want to Write a Book?

Larry Ferlazzo with Marjorie McAneny, PJ Caposey, Alan Sitomer


If you are an educator who feels that you have a book inside of you waiting to get published,  this segment offers some sage advice from educators who understand the process well.

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Differentiated Instruction and Tracking Students: Is It Time to Reconsider?

Larry Ferlazzo with Laura Robb, Regie Routman


Some use the term differentiated instruction, others prefer responsive teaching.  In this segment we seek clarification and practical understanding of what it really takes to reach all students.

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