How Can History Teachers Make the Curriculum More Engaging?

Larry Ferlazzo with Peter Pappas, Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez


Despite the love that many history teachers have for the subject, It can be difficult to engage students who may think that studying the founding fathers is irrelevant to them. In this segment we go looking for ways to make history more compelling and engaging.

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What Are the Best Ways for Teachers to Work With School Counselors?

Larry Ferlazzo with Leticia Gallardo, Mindy Willard


What is the current role of a 21st century school counselor and how can teachers best work with counselors for the benefit of students.

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How Can We Help Students (And Ourselves) Stay Organized?

Larry Ferlazzo with Julia Thompson , Ariel Sacks

pic We're all inundated with things and things to do in our classrooms. In this segment our guests share their best tips for keeping our classrooms organized.

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How Can Administrators Help Create an Engaging Curriculum

Larry Ferlazzo with Anne Reeves, Kelly Young


Having an administrator who supports teachers and engaging curriculum and instructional strategies can make all of the difference in the world to students. What does this support look like in practice?

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Dissecting Grades: What Do They Mean, What Are They Worth?

Larry Ferlazzo with Rick Wormeli


Our guest believes that we need to rethink grading. Though he acknowledges that changing our thinking about grading is hard, he argues that once we get past the initial resistance, we can construct a better system.

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