What Are the Basics Every Teacher Should Know About the Maker Movement?

Larry Ferlazzo with Sylvia Martinez, Tanya Baker Ed.


The Maker Movement is part of a fundamental rethinking about instruction and its place in the process of life-long learning. In this segment we cover the basics every teacher needs to know about it. 

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Character, Grit, Perseverance: Magic Bullet?

Larry Ferlazzo with Jason Flom and Debbie Silver


There's a lot of talk in education circles these days about character, grit and perseverance. To what extent can these qualities address some of the apparently intractable challenges we face in education? 

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How Do We Increase Involvement Among Parents Who Are Already Overwhelmed?

Larry Ferlazzo with Darcy Hutchins and Mai Xi Lee


Among the demands of work, family and finance many parents are stretched to their limits. How can we achieve more involvement from this group? 

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