Separating Common Core from High Stakes Testing: Can It Be Done?

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair 


Is Common Core taking a hit when the problem is really assessment? Can the two be separated? We discuss it this week on EdChat Radio.

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Why Working Toward a Common Goal Is More Important Than Getting an "A"

Rae Pica with Mickey Kolis, Alan November, Shelly Sanchez 


As being a team player and skilled collaborator becomes more important, many are finding today's graduates unprepared. 

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Applying Universal Design to the Common Core

Patrick Riccards, Darren Burris with Dr. Katie Novak 


Some see a conflict between the notion of a standardized curriculum and universal design, which is aimed at differentiating instruction.  Our guests help identify the bridge between the two.

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Can Authentic Learning Occur Within the Common Core?

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Kaitlin Morgan 


There is some question around whether Common Core Standards conflict with authentic learning. Even our hosts have divided views. Tune is as we try to reconcile the divergent views.

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How Can Teachers Meet the Common Core Requirement for Complex Reading?

Larry Ferlazzo with Amy Benjamin, Wendi Pillars 


Common Core requires teachers to push students to read increasingly complex text.  What meets the definition of a complex text?  What strategies, tools and resources can teachers use to achieve this goal? Today we'll explore these questions..

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