Adapting Teaching and Assessment to Meet Common Core Standards

David Fisher with Karen M. Beerer, Ed.D., Chris Meador


In this episode we speak with two Discovery Communications community leaders about the challenges and tools for adapting to meet the common core standards.

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Talking Seriously About Video Games and Common Core

Andrew Miller and Terry Heick with Clark Aldrich


The prospect of using video games to teach common core subjects may still seem far fetched to many teachers. In this inaugural episode we look at the current state of game based learning, the promise, the challenges, some of the most popular games and the road ahead.

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Are We Moving from Common Standards to a Common Curriculum?

Rae Pica with David Sherman, Tom Vander Ark, Justin Snider

pic There has been some buzz around the topic of creating a national common core curriculum. The notion has engendered quite a bit of push back, raising fears of loss of local control. We invited two education advocates and a practicing teacher join us to explore the implications.
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