Connecting to the Autistic Child

Maryann Harman with Clarissa Willis 


Music has been proven to be an effective tool when working with children with autism. Though no two children will respond the same, it is clear that understanding how and when to use music with autistic children is essential.


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Hope for Kids with ADHD, Autism & More

Rae Pica with Dr. Robert Melillo

pic Does your child suffer from a neurobehavioral problem, such as ADHD, dyslexia, or autism? Have you been told there is no hope? Dr. Robert Melillo says this is only part of the misinformation parents are receiving, and that although these problems have different features, they share one underlying problem: an imbalanced brain. Dr. Melillo discusses his drug-free approach to balancing the brain and improving behavior and learning ability.
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Lessons from a Father's Journey with an Autistic Child

Mike Hall with Rupert Isaacson and Adam Smith


A special needs child places significant demands and stresses on a family. Fathers can find the reality of dealing with an autistic child especially difficult to handle. Our guest in this segment opens up his life and shares with us his personal struggles, trials, triumphs and lessons.

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Teaching Beyond the Test

Rae Pica with Kate Beaudet, Elena Silva Ph.D., Sarah D. Sparks

pic In an era of high-stakes accountability and standardized testing, is there room for teaching beyond the test? You bet, say our guests, and here's how to do it without losing your job.
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Understanding Different Learning Styles

Rae Pica with Suzanne Wilkinson

pic Every child has a unique learning style. One size fits all education approaches can lead to children being mislabeled as difficult or learning disabled. Sue explains how different children process information and offers tip for identifying and working with each child's learning style.
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