Edtech Summer: Connect, Reconnect, Disconnect?

Sharon Plante, Alex J Podchaski


In this segment we discuss this week's EdTtechChat on how to make the best of the summer break.

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Digital Foot Prints, Digital Tattoos, Digital Citizenship:The Digital Dilemmas Teachers Face

Katrina Stevens, Sharon Plante, Susan M. Bearden


Schools districts, parents and teachers are becoming increasingly aware of the myriad of issues that Internet access introduces into school settings. This week we discuss the digital challenges teachers face.

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Closing The Edtech Preparation Gap

Thomas Murray with Lyn Hilt, Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D.


According to our guests, pre-service teachers, administrators, and universities are behind the education technology curve. This week's EdTech Chat discussed the challenges we face in bridging the gap between edtech possibilities and preparation.

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A Look Inside the Classroom of the ISTE 2013 Teacher of the Year

Vicki Davis with Nicholas Provenzano


Our guest today is the ISTE Teacher of the Year for 2013. What is he doing that made him stand out? Like most connected educators, he was very willing to swing open the doors of his classroom, his mind and his heart to give us a peek.

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iPads in the Classroom: Just Another Tool Or...?

Sharon Plante, Alex J Podchaski, Susan M. Bearden


In this episode of EdTechChat Radio, we look at the benefits and challenges of using iPads in the classroom.

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