On this channel we discuss integrating, teaching and learning through education technology.  We also identify the best education apps, teaching tools and digital resources for teaching and learning. Here you'll also find interviews with the developers of the EdTech Top 50 most useful edtech resources, along with new and noteworthy edtech developers.

Why So Many Teachers Are Bailing Out: Hidden Causes and Remedies

Nancy Blair, Tom Whitby and Mike Vigilant


In this segment from the 11/12/13 #Edchat, we explore the hidden reasons why half of new teachers prematurely leave the profession and discuss the implications. 

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Why Teaching Computer Programming to All Students Matters

Ones and Zeros
Vicki Davis with Lou Zulli Jr.


Learn why teaching computer programming needs to be part of every curriculum. In this segment we talk with an award-winning, veteran educator who makes the case learning "to code" is essential to every child's future.

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Will Common Core Encourage or Stifle Creativity and Innovation?

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Nancy White


Tune in to highlights and commentary from the 7/16/13 evening #Edchat on common core and its impact on creativity and innovation.

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