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    Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Hours of heavy lifting can be negated by a letter (eval rating), a look or an unmet expectation. A sculptor sees hourly progress. A writer, daily. But a teacher? Weeks may pass without even the hint of a step forward. And then what? Give up? Start over? Salvage? I admit there have been times I have tried all three in the same day and come away feeling no better, worse even. Educators don’t mind struggle and they are not afraid of hard work and sweat. No, ...

    by Jon Harper / @Jonharper70bd
    Saturday, 06 July 2019
  • Therapy

    One afternoon, a week before the end of the past school year, I was washing my hands at the classroom sink.  When I was finished, I turned to walk to my desk.  Instead, I slipped on a pile of student backpacks left sprawled about on the floor and soon found myself sprawled out next to them.   I tried to play off the pain that was shooting from my right hand to my elbow and all the way up to my shoulder.  It was bad enough that my ego was bruised and on display for thirty sev ...

    by Tim Ramsey | @PlutoTim
    Friday, 05 July 2019
  • Summer Learning Slide! What's Up? or Down?

      Summer Learning Slide! What's Up? or Down? What Do You Think? Is summer learning loss real? Yes, no, maybe so, depending.  Is summer learning loss like walking up the slide?      For a couple of years now, always the same. I'm on the preschool play area and I spot one or two kiddos walking up the slide. I gently remind to slide down the slide, not walk up. Also, not to slide down backwards or push another kid down. Other weird things seem to pop up, like lick ...

    by Rita Wirtz | @RitaWirtz
    Thursday, 27 June 2019
  • Share! What Does It Really Mean?

    Adults interrupt young children in a fraught struggle over a toy, by ordering “share”. The child drops the toy in tears and frustration, having learned that if you have something, you have to “share”? (AKA give up) Jacky Howell had an example in one of her trainings: Walking up to a woman, she looked into the other woman’s purse, saw her wallet, and said, “Share!”. It brought forth paroxysms of laughter among early childhood educators, not to mention parents. Point taken! When a very youn ...

    by Gail Multop @gailmult
    Friday, 21 June 2019
  • Risky Play for Young Children? Apparently There's More Risk Without It!

    Without a doubt, the photo at the beginning of this post would probably evoke a clenched-teeth, inward sucking of air by many parents. Risky play always does. But, in all fairness, it needs to be discussed, examined, and justified. This is especially important since it can help develop a child’s self-confidence, resilience, executive functioning, and even risk-management skills. And, believe it or not, engaging in risky play can actually reduce the risk of injuries, rather than increase it. Chi ...

    by Debra Pierce | @easycda
    Friday, 14 June 2019
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Is Homework Dead? If Not, Why Not?

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Steven Anderson


Welcome to the 1/22 episode of EdChat Radio. An increasing amount of research and growing numbers of teachers believe it's time to bury homework. So why is it still alive and well?

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So What's Wrong With Flipping the Classroom? Lots...

Steven Anderson with Marty Creech, M.A.


Welcome to episode #2 of EdTech Radio with Steven Anderson. In this segment Steve looks at the downside of flipping the classroom and explain why he is not a fan of flipping.

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Teacher Morale Low, How Can It Be Lifted?

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Steven Anderson


Welcome to the 1/15 episode of EdChat Radio. In this segment we look at teacher morale, why it's low and how it can can be lifted.

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The DEN Zone Episode #2 Live from FETC

David Fisher with Max Brooks and Kyle Shutt


In this episode we come to you live from the FETC conference. Our two guests discuss how conferences are changing for the better and how passionate educators at the grassroots are driving those changes.


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Welcome to The DEN Zone Episode #1

David Fisher with Steve Dembo and Dean Shareski


This is the very first episode of our new community podcast called The DEN ZONE. Listen in as we talk about how this show came to be, where it's going and how the show will help the DEN community grow, connect and amplify our voices.


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