Three Reasons to Actively Seek Criticism Versus Avoiding it

Rae Pica with Dr. Randy Garner, Dr. Graysen Walles, Erin Klein


It has been said that criticism is hard to take from a family member, supervisor, peer, friend, or stranger. Taking criticism well is clearly tough, but our guest says that criticism can offer so much value that we should proactively seek it. What? In this segment we look at how to move beyond handling and avoiding criticism to seeking it out and extracting the most value from it.

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Three Great Reasons and Ways to Move Your Classroom Outdoors

Rae Pica with Laura Champe Mitchell, Sharon Danks


According to our guests, immersing your students in nature offers many benefits to both students and teachers. Find out why you should take your students outside as often as possible. This segment also offers specific outdoor lessons you can use with your class today.

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Three Do's and Don'ts to Start the School Year Right

Rae Pica with Dr. Fred Jones, Nancy Flanagan


Starting a new school year is both exciting and challenging. Taking the right actions can help you get off to a great start. Our guests offer a few great do's and don'ts to help you put your new class of students on the right track.

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Things to Do Now to Be Better Organized When You Head Back to School

Rae Pica with Maia Heyck-Merlin, Jenny Edwards, Dan Brown 


Getting and staying organized during the school year is a never-ending challenge. Our guests offer practical steps you can take during the summer to have your act together when you head back to school.

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The Value of Arts in Education

Teaching Strategies:
Rae Pica with Jennifer Stuart,Mimi Flaherty,Lisa Guernsey

pic Art as a subject is often viewed as a second class citizen in the education community. Today's guests outline the essential role that art plays in early childhood development and beyond.
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