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Using Social Media With Students: What Works, What to Avoid

Rae Pica with Kathy Cook, Erin Klein, Tom Murray


Some schools and teachers have strict policies against teachers engaging students on social media. Other schools and districts say the biggest mistake you can make is to not engage students through social media. Listen to the pros and cons.

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Ten Ways to Make Test Prep Fun

Rae Pica with Dave Burgess, Angela Bunyi, Erin Klein


It's that time of year. Teachers around the nation are beginning to focus on assessments and test prep. Our guests say that test prep can actually be fun and offer specific strategies you can use immediately.

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Getting Students (and Ourselves) Over the Third- Quarter Slump

Rae Pica with Dave Burgess, Richard M. Cash, Jen Carey, Shelly Sanchez Terrell


This is the time of year when both students and teachers can feel exhausted by the grind of the school year and slip into a slump. Our guests share practical tips to help students and teachers over the hump.

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Timely Tax Tips for Teachers

Rae Pica with Michael B. Rubin and Vicki Davis


It's tax time, so we invited a tax expert to come on and answer some common teachers' tax questions. In this segment we get updates and guidelines on the educator expense deduction, unreimbursed expenses, conference costs and side work.


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