Creating the Ideal Relationship With Your Students

Rae Pica with Paula Denton, Larry Ferlazzo, Lisa Nielsen 


All of our guests agree that having a good relationship with students is critical to teaching and learning. In this segment we discuss how to quickly build positive relationships with your students. 

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Being There for Students When You're Emotionally Unavailable

Rae Pica with Deborah Kipps-Vaughan, Jesse Scaccia, Jessica Lahey


Our guests all agree that teachers are expected to be emotionally available to students under all conditions. So what happens when a teacher is unable to do so?

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Five Counterintuitive Ways to Be a Better Teacher This School Year

Rae Pica with Elizabeth Green, Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Dan Brown


The resounding message of this interview is that great teachers are not born and that the keys to great teaching are beyond what most of us assume. Learn more...

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Things to Do Now to Be Better Organized When You Head Back to School

Rae Pica with Maia Heyck-Merlin, Jenny Edwards, Dan Brown 


Getting and staying organized during the school year is a never-ending challenge. Our guests offer practical steps you can take during the summer to have your act together when you head back to school.

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The CRAP Test: Teaching Students to Critically Evaluate the Quality of Online Information

Rae Pica with Julie Coiro, Caroline Hughes, Steven W. Anderson 


Authority, reliability, accuracy, credibility and bias are just a few of the elements students need to be able to discern when viewing online content. In this segment our guests discuss how to best teach these skills. 


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