Looking Back, Looking Ahead to 2014

Rae Pica with Vicki Davis, Nancy Flanagan, Susan Ochshorn, Josh Stumpenhorst


As we look back, all guests agreed that 2013 has been an exceptional year in education. Events cited include developments with Common Core, the focus on connected educators, and universal kindergarten. Tune in to hear the expectations and hopes for 2014. 

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Designing Questions That Drive Real Learning

Rae Pica with Andrew Miller, Sara Armstrong, Suzie Boss, Anthony Cody


Increasing numbers of educators are moving away from emphasizing content and toward provocative questions that promote higher-order thinking. What is the best way to design and present these questions? How can teachers align these questions to promote real learning and meet required standards? 

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The Most Common Mistakes Teachers Make with Introverted Students

Rae Pica with Tony Baldasaro, Sophia Dembling, Lee Kolbert, Jessica Lahey 


Introverted students are often misunderstood, mischaracterized and mishandled by teachers. In this segment we debunk some of the myths about "quiet" students, uncover some of the common mistakes made in teaching them, and offer sound guidance on how to bring out the best in them.

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Hidden Causes of the Achievement Gap Between Boys and Girls

 Rae Pica with Michael Reichert, Claudia Buchmann, David Bloomfield, and Nancy Flanagan


The academic achievement gap between girls and boys is now well established and growing. The reasons are complex and in this segment we explore some of the more obscure causes. We close by looking at what can be done to narrow, if not close, the gap. 

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Balancing Act: Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza in School

Rae Pica with Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D., Julie Bisson Lee Kolbert

pic The holidays are coming and with them comes the challenge of celebrating the holidays while being sensitive to an increasingly culturally diverse student population. Add to the mix widely varying school policies and guidelines, and the holidays can quickly become a stress-inducing balancing act. What's an educator to do? Our guests offer some sage advice and practical tips.
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