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What was I thinking?

Obviously I wasn’t when I allowed my son to choose our pre-nap reading material.

A toy catalog? Seriously? What parent that wants their child to nap makes this type of error in judgement? My son’s mind was now hyper-stimulated!

We did eventually segue to Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?, but by then I think it was too late. He next had to find his Spiderman toys and engage in some pretend play for a little while. AIl the while I laid as motionless and as silently as I could, hoping that his brain would eventually quiet itself. And it did. He is three and he was tired.

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I do this every time. I wake up three hours before school, but somehow spend the last fifteen minutes scrambling like a madman. Most days I am rushing to get dressed or make some semblance of a healthy lunch. But on this day I was already dressed and my lunch was all set.

But where were my car keys!!!

I am such an idiot! I don't think a day goes by in which I don't misplace something.

5 minutes before I need to walk out the door.

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I think if I had heard that word one more time I would have lost it!

President Trump closed his inauguration speech with a barrage of agains like I have never heard before.

Do I think that there are many things about this country that could improve?

Of course!

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Upstairs, with the door closed, a set of markers and a pad of paper. That is where my eleven-year old daughter goes to find privacy. Privacy from her five-year old brother who can adore and infuriate her, all within a span of thirty seconds. Her privacy is always short-lived though, because he will search the entire house until he finds her.

You see, she is his hero and she doesn’t even know it.

He watches her every move. He imitates her. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. She is the one that comes to his rescue when Mommy and Daddy need a break. She is his “sidekick” when he goes to fight the “bad guys”. Or, maybe he is hers. I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. Either way, they are a formidable duo when properly motivated.

But sometimes, when she loses her temper. When she gets angry at him. When she is human. I tell her to remember that “she is his mirror”. Whatever he sees in her will be reflected back to him, and he will do the same. He looks up to her whether she likes it or not. It is a lot for an eleven year old to fully digest, but I think she gets it.

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He came flying off of the bus in a scene that looked like it belonged in an action movie. Jumping and hitting at the same time, his mission was to hurt another child. There was no excuse for this type of anger and violence. I immediately took him to my office, all the while giving him the business about what I had just seen.

What were you doing?

What made you think it was okay to do that?

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