A Smarter, Kinder Approach to Handling Conflict in Educational Settings

Vicki Davis with Bob Burg


Even in educational settings we encounter conflicts, roadblocks and people who are adversarial to our initiatives in and outside of the classroom. In this segment we get some proven strategies for navigating conflicts with students, parents and administrators.

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Engaging Students Through Competitions, Contests and Code

Vicki Davis with Anh Vo, Pat Yongpradit


In this segment we speak with an amazing educator who has inspired a love for computer science in his students through coding contests and competitions.

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The Global Classroom Project

Vicki Davis with Michael Graffin


The Global Classroom Project is a site that connects teachers and students in projects around the world. It's a community of educators who are breaking down barriers, moving beyond bureaucracy, and sharing world-class learning experiences.

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The Need to Teach financial Literacy

Beyond the Core
Vicki Davis with Brian Page


As we focus on standardized testing and common core, are we failing to teach students other subjects that will be critical to their lives like financial literacy?

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Using Social Media and Robotics to Engage Students in STEM

Vicki Davis with Randy Cailor, Lewis Chappelear


In this segment we explore how project "Lead the Way" is connecting students and classrooms to engaging STEM projects.

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