Why Computer Science Is Not Just for Geeks

Vicki Davis with Alfred Thompson


Learning to write computer code is a skill that our guest believes is not just for geeks and will be increasingly important to students and teachers in the future.

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Radically Authentic Learning: How Classrooms Change When Student Genius Drives Learning

Vicki Davis with Joy Kirr, Hugh McDonald, Gallit Zvi, Denise Krebs


If connecting learning to student's passions and interests is the master's skill of teaching, then a concept called "Genius Hour" may be the master stroke. Borrowed from Google's policy of allowing staff to spend 20% of their work week on the pet project of their choice, teachers are reporting profound changes in student engagement and student motivation where Genius Hour is used. Moreover, they are finding that the quality of learning is radically more authentic than learning driven solely by desire to get good grades. 

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Gearing Up for Common Core in Math

Vicki Davis with Darren Burris


In this segment we talk about the challenges and opportunities ahead as states gear up to embrace the Common Core standards. We discuss content, instruction and with the aim of identifying what needs to be done differently to meet the demands of the standards.

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Encouraging Global Connections and Digital Citizenship

Vicki Davis with Theresa Allen


In this segment we talk about various tools, projects and strategies you can use to get your students globally connected. We also offer some guidelines for good digital citizenship.

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