New Era, New Leadership, New Possibilities

Guest Yasmina Vinci Executive Director with host Michael McGrady

pic The three most important words in the Head Start community today are change, change and change. So says Yasmina Vinci, the new Executive Director of the National Head Start Association. Yasmina has been brought in to help reorganize the National Head Start Association for a new era filled with new possibilities. In this segment, Yasmina shares how she plans to provide relevant, valuable support to the entire Head Start community and how she'll work to deliver more of what NHSA members want and need.
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Accessing Stimulus Dollars for Head Start

Guest Ted Waters with host Scott Stapf

pic Ted Waters discusses the impact of the Economic Stimulus Package for Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Ted tells head start directors what steps they need to take to prepare to access these funds as they become available..
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