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  • power of choice

    Voice & Choice

    We have seen research over and over again that, when learners have a choice in identifying what to learn and how they want to learn it, it has produced academic success and allows creativity to flourish. This is nothing new.  The way many teachers, schools, and districts are finally embracing it is. About five years ago, I was introduced to the EdCamp professional development model, where educators not only choose what to attend, but they also teach it themselves and all have the a ...

    by Jay Eitner | @Jay_Eitner
    Monday, 20 November 2017
  • Relationships Over Rules...Teachers Matter Too

    In the last several months we tackled the topic of relationships over rules in the world of students. You can read that post here. This time around, we’re diving into the world of relationships over rules with teachers.   As a second year administrator, I (Brent) have a lot still to learn about how to best serve, support, and care for teachers. In my 15 months that I’ve served in this capacity, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. Some small, some not so much. I’ve had staff in the build ...

    by Jeff Veal | @heffrey
    Sunday, 19 November 2017
  • a1sx2_Original1_masks.jpg

    The Masks We Wear

    When you look at this photo what do you see? Are you sure? What if I were to tell you that at the moment this photo was taken my daughter had a terrible migraine and my son was as happy as could be? It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true. We oftentimes make judgements based on what we see. And that can be dangerous. But sometimes that may be all we have to go on. So we do the best we can. Then later we find out that we were off. Way off.   I had no idea. If I had only known. ...

    by Jon Harper / @Jonharper70bd
    Sunday, 19 November 2017
  • a1sx2_Thumbnail1_presence.jpg

    A Teacher's Presence

    He woke up crazy-early. 5 am to be exact. That in my opinion is too early for a little kid to be awake. And it was apparent by the way he behaved. Or didn’t, to be more exact. I brought a blanket and a pillow downstairs, hoping he would lie down and maybe–just maybe–fall asleep. Or at the very least, rest. That wasn’t going to happen. At least not yet. He fussed. He complained. He acted as any kid would that was awake an hour and half earlier than normal. But then something happened. His sis ...

    by Jon Harper / @Jonharper70bd
    Wednesday, 15 November 2017
  • sock puppet

    Click Farms & Sock Puppets

    The 2017 YouTube video #Socialnomics has recently reported that we are preparing almost 30% of students for jobs that don’t exist yet.  I’ve always wondered what kind of jobs they could be.  Sadly, we are learning about them in today’s times. I was exposed to three new terms this year that didn’t exist years ago: Click Barns Sock Puppeting Troll Factories For those that don’t know about these, I wanted to share them, as these terms are creeping into educatio ...

    by Jay Eitner | @Jay_Eitner
    Tuesday, 14 November 2017
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No Smokers: Setting Up Policies Barring Smokers in Early Childhood Settings

The Next Wave:

Holly Elissa Bruno with Jonathan P. Winickoff, MD, MPH; Suzi Brodof & Susan Offutt

pic Allowing smokers to work with children is a tough ethical debate. In this segment we dig into the question of establishing policies that bar smokers from working with children. Are these policies needed, appropriate, fair? How should education leaders approach this issue?
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