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    Hey Students: Schools Are Dead

    … but learning isn’t. I wrote my first book, Crush School: Every Student’s Guide To Killing It In The Classroom after realizing that most interesting education books are written for adults, and the ones students are forced to use in class mostly suck. They’re not just uninteresting. They are dull and written in some weird code no one can, or wants to understand. And, they make your backpack look like you’re about to set off on a two week long hike in the wilderness, which would be co ...

    by Oskar Cymerman | @focus2achieve
    Thursday, 20 July 2017
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    Changing the World Through the 3 C's: Collaborate, Connect, and Coffee!

      There's nothing better than breakfast meetings in the summer! I get excited at the chance in meeting with colleagues over a cup of coffee and dialogue to brainstorm ways to better support our students and staff in the upcoming school year. As part of our summer work, I have been been holding "check-in" meetings with our principals to reflect on our academic continuous improvement plans.  As the new principal at Worthington Kilbourne High School, Mr. Aric Thomas has been work ...

    by Neil Gupta | @drneilgupta
    Monday, 17 July 2017
  • Never Ignore a Child Who Asks "Why?"

    Anyone who has young children, teaches them, or has spent time with one knows that “Why?” is their master question. Once it starts, there’s no stopping it. Although adults do their best to come up with answers, the interrogation becomes an endless loop. When one question is answered, the next one comes right on its heels. And yet another and then another. Soon, the adult feels like there’s no escape. He looks for a way out… changing the subject or pointing out something new. But then the ne ...

    by Debra Pierce | easycda
    Sunday, 16 July 2017
  • 5 Ways To Give Students More Freedom

      Let Freedom Ring in Your Classroom! When the bell rings, is it the ring of freedom or that of condemnation for your students at the start of class? Freedom is something that we hold very dear to our hearts in this country. We wave flags to celebrate it, our soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect it, and we tout it as one of the most defining factors of the United States. While I'll admit that intro was probably a bit much...I still want to ask you: Do your students have the freedom ...

    by Chad Ostrowski | @chadostrowski
    Friday, 14 July 2017
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    Rico Revisited

                                                                                                                                                  &nb ...

    by Tim Ramsey | @PlutoTim
    Friday, 14 July 2017
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No Smokers: Setting Up Policies Barring Smokers in Early Childhood Settings

The Next Wave:

Holly Elissa Bruno with Jonathan P. Winickoff, MD, MPH; Suzi Brodof & Susan Offutt

pic Allowing smokers to work with children is a tough ethical debate. In this segment we dig into the question of establishing policies that bar smokers from working with children. Are these policies needed, appropriate, fair? How should education leaders approach this issue?
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