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    The Real Dangers of Childhood: How Do We Help People See Them?

    “I walked or biked to school for years, but my children don’t. I worry about the road. I worry about strangers. You can start to imagine evil on every corner. I do think they’re missing out. But I like to be able to see them, to know where they are and what they are doing,” stated a mom in a newspaper article called “Bubble-Wrap Generation: Our Molly-Coddled Kids.” “[I don’t know] one friend of mine who can actually walk across the street without parental supervision…. Parents these days ...

    by Rae Pica | @raepica1
    Thursday, 21 February 2019
  • What Are The Seven Best Ways to Help Abused Children Heal? Is Love and Nurturing Enough?

      What are the best ways to help abused children heal? Love or More? I am sure this question has been asked by many professionals, teachers, foster parents and all those who feel their pain.  Having been bullied for many years which is a form of abuse, I have thought about this question in regards to myself and have spent a great deal of time and money exploring the answers.  So after all the therapy, workshops, reading and painful choices here is what I believe abused children n ...

    by Karen Stone @eqforchildren.
    Monday, 18 February 2019
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    Loser Teacher

    Maybe I AM a loser teacher.  I mean, why would a successful person stay with a low-paying job for thirty-six years?  Why would someone get to work every day ninety minutes before the kids and stay ninety minutes after they leave, only to go home and spend another two to three hours grading and planning? Why would someone try to get a child to understand, to achieve, to progress when sometimes that process takes weeks, even months?  Why would someone endure the rude insult ...

    by Tim Ramsey | @PlutoTim
    Monday, 18 February 2019
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    I Should Have Waited

      I help monitor 4 lunch shifts each day. It’s a busy and often loud time but it allows me to see every kid in the school, preK-5. I’m not gonna lie, my feet are tired by the time the last shift is over at 1:15. So, I could blame my mess-up on the fact that I was tired or that I was just plain ready-to-be-done. But neither of these reasons excused what I did. The last lunch shift was almost over. Let’s say it was about 1 o’clock. And a student came up to me to ask a question. He should ...

    by Jon Harper / @Jonharper70bd
    Sunday, 17 February 2019
  • The Terrible Twos: Truth or Consequences

    Yesterday, in my child development class, one of the students was curious about why people use the term, “terrible twos.” Instead of the automatic response I could have given, I decided maybe this was a good opportunity to clear the air about the second twelve months of a little child’s life. It seems that age group gets a bad rap at every turn. Sure, we hear some negative comments about senior citizens (“old codgers,” “senile,” blue hairs”). And, for sure, millennials receive a good deal of cr ...

    by Debra Pierce | @easycda
    Sunday, 10 February 2019
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No Smokers: Setting Up Policies Barring Smokers in Early Childhood Settings

The Next Wave:

Holly Elissa Bruno with Jonathan P. Winickoff, MD, MPH; Suzi Brodof & Susan Offutt

pic Allowing smokers to work with children is a tough ethical debate. In this segment we dig into the question of establishing policies that bar smokers from working with children. Are these policies needed, appropriate, fair? How should education leaders approach this issue?
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