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  • 4 Things a Worried Child Should Never Hear

    When children are little, they worry, but may not understand why. There may be no logical evidence to support it, but it is real to them, nonetheless. It is real enough to provoke a real nervous system response. Worry is anxiety. It sometimes surfaces with a barrage of questions that seem to come out of nowhere. I remember one evening when my 5-year-old son started asking, “What if the chickens didn’t want to give their feathers away for people’s pillows?” “What if they get really cold because ...

    by Debra Pierce | @easycda
    Wednesday, 21 November 2018
  • Turkey and Parrot, A Thanksgiving Parable!

      That turkey is such a show-off, just like the one in this parable. I love teaching with parables, stories which illustrate moral or religious lessons. Here's a grand one, just in time for holiday family, friends and fun. And there is a moral to look for. Turkey and Parrot, A Thanksgiving Parable  I hope you enjoy this simple little, yet super funny story, perfect for your Thanksgiving festivities. Traditionally my family has always shared stories, our thanks of course, made plenty ...

    by Rita Wirtz | @RitaWirtz
    Monday, 19 November 2018
  • Giving Thanks, On Optimism, Courage, and Candor

    On Optimism:   As a cancer survivor, I can assure you that the only thing that saved me was a small voice inside of me that suddenly started screaming, "Life is worth the effort!" I wanted to live for granddaughter Morgan's wedding. I wanted to be at all our grandkids' weddings, too.   Her little hands, smiling face and voice gave me strength when there was none. Only my optimism remained during daunting times and a life beyond wh ...

    by Rita Wirtz | @RitaWirtz
    Thursday, 15 November 2018
  • Keyboard Warriors and Social Media Muscles in Schools

    NEWSFLASH: There are people on the Internet that don't like each other. There are people that don't like each other in person too, but today's pitfall of technology has enabled a myriad of people to partake in voicing their opinions in a whole new* way (*new, being about 20 years at this point). Recently, a childhood friend of mine was sharing his thoughts on a recent experience he had while in the store and came across someone who talked a lot of trash online. He referred to them as "Keyboard W ...

    by Jay Eitner | @Jay_Eitner
    Tuesday, 13 November 2018
  • Ask These Questions About Time to Evaluate Classroom Technology Integration

    Devices in classrooms can empower students when used effectively. But how do teachers know if they are integrating technology effectively? Here are questions to ask about time that help teachers use effectively integrate technology.  What percentage of time are students in creative apps such as Synth, Tour Creator, ThingLink, Jamboard, Canva, Flipgrid, Google My Maps, Google Sites, etc? What percentage of time are students in Google Docs or a word-processing tool? ...

    by Tom Mullaney @TomEMullaney
    Sunday, 11 November 2018
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Dealing With The Unspoken Issues Male Early Childhod Educators Face

Pedophilia, Suspicion, The Man Tax:
Dealing With the Unspoken Issues Male Early Childhod Educators Face

Ginsberg, Mason, Nelson, Boyden

pic Many of the biggest challenges men in early childhood education face are taboo topics that are rarely openly discussed. This segment brings together four male early childhood educators in a heart to heart conversation about these unspoken challenges and how to deal with them.
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