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Teaching Strategies 
Why Playful Learning is Vital to Developing 21st Century Skills
Vicki Davis with Stephan Turnipseed



Our guest believes that learning is supposed to be fun. The more playfully and joyfully we approach learning the more engaged and successful we are at acquiring knowledge and skills. Learn more...


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Change Agents
Why Great Teaching Requires Risk, Failure and...
Pam Moran and Ira Socol with Derk Oosting




Our guest today demonstrates how one teacher in one classroom can be a change agent. He also explains why the ability to risk, fail and persist are essential.

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Episode #2
Connected Educators Radio: Three Big Changes for Connected Educator Month 3.0
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Tom de Boor, Darren Cambridge




Connected Educator Month is coming, but it will be very different in three significant ways this year. Tune in to learn more.


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A Peek Under the Hood of a Great School Web Site
Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Tony Sinanis, Tim Lauer




Our guest has one of the most impressive school web sites in the field.  In this segment he shares with us how he makes his school's site so dynamic and exceptional.



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Teaching Strategies
The CRAP Test: Teaching Students to Critically Evaluate the Quality of Online Information

Rae Pica with Julie Coiro, Caroline Hughes, Steven W. Anderson




Authority, reliability, accuracy, credibility and bias are just a few of the elements students need to be able to discern when viewing online content. In this segment our guests discuss how to best teach these skills.




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Can Authentic Learning Occur Within the Common Core?

Tom Whitby,  Nancy Blair, Kaitlin Morgan




There is some question around whether Common Core Standards conflict with authentic learning. Even our hosts have divided views. Tune is as try to reconcile the divergent views.



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Common Core Episode #8 
Applying Universal  Design to  the Common Core 
Patrick Riccards, Darren Burris with Dr. Katie Novak




Some see a conflict between the notion of a standardized curriculum and universal design, which is aimed at differentiating instruction.  Our guests help identify the bridge between the two.


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Teaching Strategies 
Serious Games: Rethinking Gamification in Education
Vicki Davis with Cat Flippen




Our guest is researching the leading edge of using games in education. In this segment she shares the ideas, strategies and tools she's currently exploring.



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