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The fast way to stay on top of what your child needs at every stage of their development from birth through early childhood. Select from the list below then Click on the "play" button to hear the program you've selected right on your computer.  Each program is 8-12 minutes long.

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1 Save, Invest, Grow: Financial Literacy for Teens
2 Teen and School Sports: What Parents Need to Know
3 Getting Your Teen on the Right Path to College
4 Temper Tantrums: Helping Teens Develop Self Control
5 Teaching Teens To Be Grateful: Why It Matters
6 Positive Failure: Persuading Teens and Parents That Failure is Good and Necessary
7 When Teens Use Sarcasm: What It Means and How to Respond to It
8 Surprising Benefits of Video Games for Teens and Parents
9 Why Do Teens Run Away, What Can Parents Do?
10 The Link Between Your Teen and the New Drug Culture - Part I
11 The Link Between Your Teen and the New Drug Culture - Part II
12 Are Our Teen Less Civil? What Can We Do About it?
13 The Imposter Syndrome: Helping Your Teen Develop a Sense of Competence
14 Digital Literacy: Five Things Every Parent Needs to Know
15 Favorite Child: The Impact of Playing Favorites on the Favored Child and Other Siblings
16 As Marijuana Moves Towards Greater Acceptance, What is the Impact on Teens?
17 Difficult, but Necessary Conversations About Your Teen, Sex, and Cancer
18 Worried Parents, Anxious Teens
19 Understanding the Challenges of Being a Multiracial Teen
20 Teens More and Less Empowered in 2013
21 A Look at the Causes and Consequences of Sibling Aggression
22 Understanding Dating Violence Among Teens
23 The Impact of the Teen Obsession with Body Image
24 Are Teens Losing the Ability to Read People?
25 Work Ethic: The Values Millennials are Bringing Into the Work Force
26 Liquid High: New Ways Teens are Abusing Alcohol
27 Teen Doping to Enhance Academic Performance
28 How to Nurture Motivated Child
29 Coping Skills for Teens with Social, Emotional and Sensory Sensitivities
30 What You Need To Know About Engaging Gifted Children
31 Career Ready? What Your Teen Really Needs For What's Coming Next
32 Connected Fathers: Maintaining the Relationship Through the Teen Years
33 Teen Apathy: "I Don't Care and You Can't Make Me"
34 A Parent's Guide to Surviving Adolescence
35 Surprise! Teens Need to Daydream
36 Behind the Wheel: Is Your Teen Really Ready To Drive?
37 This Is Your Teen on Steroids
38 The Unique Challenges Hispanic Teens Face
39 Normal Teen Drama or the Onset of Serious Mental Health Issues?
40 Parent Envy? Our Love-Hate Relationship With Our Teens
41 Understanding Impulsive Teen Behavior Teens
42 Three Keys to Motivating Unmotivated Teens
43 Preparing Your Teen for The Real World
44 Helping Teens to Understand and Manage Their Emotions
45 Rude Teens: Changing Times, What to Do
46 Who is Teaching Your Teen Grit, Curiousity and Optimism?
47 Risky Behaviors: Sex, Teens and Technology, Oh My!
48 Helping Your Child to Find Authentic Success
49 Teen Sports and Concussions: What Every Parent Needs to Know
50 Just Say No to Sex:Will Your Teen Buy It?
51 Sexual Predators in School, Protecting Your Tweens
52 Does Your Teen Have Peer Approval Addiction?
53 When Your Teen Feels the Need to Be Perfect
54 What's Driving Eating Disorders in Teen Boys? What Can We Do About It?
55 How Self-Confidence Affects Teen's Academic Performance
56 The Wisdom of Encouraging Teens to Play
57 Teens on Drugs:The Low Down on the New Highs!
58 Homeless Teens and Social Networking
59 Educating the Next Generation of Innovators
60 Nipping Gender Bullying in the Bud
61 Helping Teens Overcome the Stress of Tests
62 Getting Teens to Take Responsibility for Their Education
63 Is Your Child Struggling with Reading and Language?
64 Helping Teens to Manage Their Emotional States
65 Are Your Teens Distracted by Technology? Help Them Get Focused
66 Talking Candidly to Teens About Contemporary Racial Issues
67 Mix it Up: Helping Teens Develop Critical Social Skills
68 Raising a Non-Competitive Child
69 8 Ways to Protect Your Child From Predatory Marketers
70 Ending the Food Fight With Your Kids
71 Second Thoughts About Involving Your Child in Competivive Sports
72 Understanding Your Child's Mind Body Connection
73 Three Things You Need to Know to Manage the Media's Impact on Your Child
74 How Can I Help My Child Learn to Read Well?
75 Giving Your Child the Very Best Head Start
76 Are You Putting ABC's Before Social Skills?
77 The Dangers of Praising Your Child Inappropriately
78 Is Your Child Developing Normally?
79 High Test Scores, Low Learning: Why Good Grades Are Not Enough
80 Early Childhod Burnout: Are You Pushing Your Child Too Hard?
81 Right and Wrong Ways To Manage Your Child's Food Intake
82 Is your Child Advanced or Slow?
83 3 Keys To Raising a Highly Self-Motivated Child
84 Developing Genuine Versus Phony Self Esteem in Your Child
85 Dangerous Parents, Safer Kids
86 Bringing out Your Child's Individual Talents
87 Talking to Your Child About Family Financial Difficulties
88 3 Ways to Reduce The Stress of Being a Parent
89 Hope for Kids with ADHD, Autism & More
90 3 Keys to Raising a Resilient Child
91 The 11 Mega Skills That Your Child Needs to Succeed
92 3 Ways to be a Better Role Model for Your Child
93 Take This Game and Shove it!
94 Physical Ed. Injuries Up, How to Avoid Them
95 ScreamFree Parenting: How to Keep Your Cool
96 Are You Mislabeling Your Intuitive Child?
97 Cooties: Is school Exclusion Necessary? Appropriate? Legal?
98 Handling Difficult Teachers and Insane School Policies
99 Managing Young Bullies Gone Wild
100 Withdrawing Your Child From the Rat Race
101 Are You Teaching Your Child Fear or Safety?
102 Benefits of Raising a Multilingual Child
103 Is Your Child Busy Enough or Too Busy?
104 Is Your Child Addicted to Technology?
105 When and How to Say "NO" to Children
106 Debunking 5 Myths About Flu Vaccines
107 What is Nature Deficit? Why it Matters
108 Managing Aggressive Children
109 3 Things Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know About Gender Differences
110 Has Spanking Received a Bad Rap?
111 Why Rough and Tumble Play is Really Good
112 ADHD:Medical Problem, Discipline Problem or Teaching Problem?
113 Have I Screwed Up My Kid? Part 1
114 Have I Screwed Up My Kid? Part 2
115 Fear of Men In Early Childhood Education
116 Do Youth Sports Build Character or Just a Competitive, Do-Anything -to-Win Nature?
117 Nation of Wimps:How We're Creating Psychologically Fragile Kids
118 Getting it Right: Too Much Parental Involvement? Too Little? Finding The Balance
119 Working With An Underachieving Teen
120 Is Your Teen Lazy or Just Needing Sleep?
121 Why Are Some Teens more Resilient Than Others?
122 Why Teens Are Becoming More Aggressive
123 3 Things You Need to Know About Teens and Alcohol
124 The Impact of Race and Social Acceptance on the Achievement Gap
125 The Crisis of Disconnected Teens and Virtual Relationship
126 What To Do If Your Teen Hates School
127 Teen Eating Disorders: Three Things You Need To Know
128 It's All About Me: Coping With the Teen Ego
129 Seven Reasons to Take a Second Look at Homeschooling
130 Parenting on Autopilot: Being in the Moment with Your Teen
131 Understanding The Brave New World of Teens and Tweens
132 Using Hip Hop and Rap to Close the Achievement Gap
133 Stressed out Teens and Parents: How to Relieve the Pressure
134 Dating: Why Teen Relationships Turn Violent
135 Changing Our Paradigm for Educating Teens
136 Engaging Girls and Other Underrepresented Groups in STEM Education
137 Is Going Off to College Still The Way to Go?
138 Dealing With The Impact of Divorce on Academic Performance
139 3 Things Educators and Parents of Teens Should Know about Hate Groups
140 Off the Hook: Why Are Teens So Angry? What Can We do About it?
141 Inside the Mind of Violent Youth
142 How Much Homework Is Too Much?
143 Protecting Your Child From Media Violence
144 Is Your Child On The Fast Track To Success ?
145 Bringing Out Your Child's Inner Spark
146 How Screen Time Affects Children
147 Good Parenting for Difficult Babies
148 Preparing Your Child to Learn
149 How to Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk
150 Should You Try to Boost Your Child's Brain Power?
151 Parents Bamboozled by Fear
152 In Pursuit of the Perfect Child
153 Is Your Child Being Exposed to Extreme Rote Teaching?
154 Kids Drifting Away? Do This, Get Them Back
155 Stay at Home Dads
156 Feeding Your Child for Success
157 8 Ways to Raise a Truly Happy Child
158 When to Let Your Child be a Child
159 Teaching Your Child Self Control
160 Giving Your Child the Power to Chose
161 Talking To Your Kids About Swine Flu
162 Nuturing Creativity and Curiosity
163 Selecting the Best Toys
164 Giving Your Child Healthy Habits
165 Bang! Bang!: Understanding Boys At Play
166 Understanding Your Child's Learning Style
167 Why Are Some Kids Are Smarter?
168 Raising a First Born Child
169 Does Your Child Need Statins?
170 Too Sexy Too Soon
171 Goo Goo, Gaa, Gaa... What Are You Talking About?
172 Hey! Give That Kid a Break!
173 5 Simple Rules That Make Parenting Easier
174 5 Myths About Your Child and Sports
175 Managing The Top 3 Preschool Problems
176 Has kindergarten become the new first grade?
177 Brain Exercises That Help Your Child Learn
178 Boosting Your Childs "Other" IQ
179 Being a Confident Parent
180 Have a New Child by Friday
181 Teaching Your Child to listen

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