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educatorscat3.gif The fast way to stay on top of the best practices, insights and teaching resources for teachers, educators and homeschoolers.  Select from the list below then click on the "play" button to hear the program you've selected right on your computer.  Each program is 8-12 minutes long.
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1 Time to Get Rid of Grades? What Exactly Stands in the Way?
2 Squeezing Social-Emotion Learning into The Common Core
3 How Much Technology in the Classroom is Too Much?
4 Four Must-Know Tips for Giving Effective Feedback to Students
5 Too Much, Too Fast: Coping with the New Speed of Change in Education
6 Why Handwriting Still Matters in the Digital Age
7 Helping Parents Understand the New Strategies for Teaching and Learning
8 Why Working Toward a Common Goal Is More Important Than Getting an "A"
9 Setting Up Your Classroom to Maximize Collaborative Learning
10 Creating the Ideal Relationship With Your Students
11 Being There for Students When You're Emotionally Unavailable
12 Five Counterintuitive Ways to Be a Better Teacher This School Year
13 Teacher-Funded School Supplies: Reducing the Burden Without Harming Kids
14 Things To Do Now to Be Better Organized When You Head Back to School
15 The CRAP Test: Teaching Students to Critically Evaluate the Quality of Online Information
16 Overcoming Burnout: Why Overwhelmed Is the New Normal and What to Do About It - PART II
17 Overcoming Burnout: Why Overwhelmed Is the New Normal and What to Do About It - PART I
18 Do You Have A Summer Reading List? Here Are Some Recommendations
19 Ending the School Year: Recharging Your Batteries
20 When Students Fail: What Does it Really Mean? What's a Teacher to Do?
21 Five Things Every Teacher Should Know About Teaching Students in Poverty
22 Using Humor to Get Students to the Top of Bloom's Taxonomy
23 Helping Young Kids Learn to Resolve and Manage Conflict
24 10 Smart Ways to End the School Day
25 Tips for Teaching Controversial Topics
26 Stepping Toward Sensible, Valid Teacher Evaluations
27 Using Social Media with Parents: What Works, What to Avoid
28 What Savvy Teachers Know About Managing Disruptive Student Behavior
29 Using Social Media With Students: What Works, What to Avoid
30 Ten Ways to Make Test Prep Fun
31 Why Students Tune out: Five Ways to Get Students to Listen and Hear
32 Getting Students (and Ourselves) Over the Third- Quarter Slump
33 Timely Tax Tips for Teachers
34 Creating Trouble-free Transitions
35 Helping Stress-Out Students Stress Less
36 Motivating Unmotivated Students
37 Three Things Every Educator Should Know About Teaching Black Boys
38 The Hidden Challenges of Teaching Homeless Students
39 Rethinking Classroom Cell Phone Policies, High-Tech Cheating and the Meaning of Google Glass
40 Two Teachers Share Their Candid Views on Dealing with "The System"
41 Looking Back, Looking Ahead to 2014
42 Designing Questions that Drive Real Learning
43 The Most Common Mistakes Teachers Make with Introverted Students
44 Hidden Causes of the Achievement Gap Between Boys and Girls
45 Balancing Act: Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza in School
46 Will This Be on the Test?: Making Content Relevant
47 Balancing Act: Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza in School
48 How Teachers Can Help Students Embrace the Role of Failure in Learning
49 The Classic Classroom Management Mistake and How to Avoid It
50 Trusting Students to Lead Their Learning: Does It Really Work? If So, How?
51 Hidden Causes of Low Parental Engagement in Urban Schools and What to Do About It
52 What To Do When Good Lesson Plans Go Wrong
53 Teacher/Parent Relationships: When the Going Gets Rough
54 Helping Students to Cope With Tragedy
55 Getting Beyond Burnout
56 Staying Motivated, Passionate and Excited About Teaching
57 How the Communications Culture of Your School Impacts You
58 Student-Led Parent-Teacher conferences
59 Teacher Voice: How to Make Sure That When You Speak People Listen
60 Quickly Creating a Sense of Community in Your Classroom
61 Tracking Students Was Dead, But Now...
62 Your Classroom Management Plan for Day One: Setting Expectations
63 Making a Good Impression on Your First Day of Class
64 iLiteracy: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction Online
65 Student Plagiarism in the Digital Age: Easier to Do, Easier to Catch, Still a Challenge
66 Advanced Degrees? Additional Credentials?: What Teachers Really Need
67 Is the Sage on the Stage Really Dead? Yes. Well, Almost...
68 The Path to Reclaiming the Teaching Profession
69 Teaching Creativity in a Climate That Discourages It
70 Summertime: How Best to Spend the Time Off
71 Teaching Creativity: Can It Really Be Done?
72 Is Staying Connected the Solution to Teacher Discouragement?
73 Rethinking Boundaries Between Teachers and Students: Tough Teacher, Trusted Friend Or...
74 Many Teachers Discouraged, Many Not, The Difference Is...
75 Classroom Management: Yes, Bribes and Threats Work But....
76 Five Classroom Problems Directly Traceable to Student Sleep Deprivation
77 Are You Prepared To Teach Gifted Kids? Top Dos and Don'ts
78 Developing Higher-Order Teaching Skills for Educational Technology
79 Do You Have to Be an Entertainer to Engage Your Students?
80 Alternative Professional Development: The Good, the Bad and the Better
81 Surviving and Thriving on a Teacher's Salary
82 Surving the Perils and Challenges of Grading
83 Dealing With Difficult, Negative, Toxic Peers
84 Managing The Hidden Differences in Your Classroom
85 Boycotting Standardized Tests: Good Idea? Will It Make a Difference?
86 Children Playing With Toy Guns and Imaginary Assault Weapons In School, Problem?
87 How PLNs are Transforming Education and Returning Classrooms to Teachers
88 Homework? Really? That's So 1950s
89 Lonely, Isolated Educators: Why?
90 Project Based Learning: Integrating Technology
91 Overcoming the Six Biggest Objections to Project-Based Learning (PBL)
92 When Angry Parents Target Teachers, What to Do.
93 Dress Codes: Teachers, Tattoos, Piercings and Provocative Dress: Fashion Anarchy v. Fashion Facism?
94 Keeping Up with the Pace of Education Technology
95 Teachers Watching Teachers: Keys to Peer Observation
96 Shocked, Sad, Angry:Coping With School Tragedies, What Do We Do Now?
97 OMG, I'm Being Watched:Preparing for and Surviving Classroom Observation
98 Managing the Growing Demands of Teaching
99 Everybody Wants a Piece of Me: Setting Boundaries in a 24/7 World
100 Handling Bumps, Bruises and Breaks in a Litigious, Overprotective Climate
101 Teaching in the Age of Entitlement: How to Avoid Contributing to the Problem
102 Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Professional Conferences
103 Cell Phones in the Classroom: Distraction or Undervalued Teaching Tool?
104 Accommodating Left-Handed Students in a Right-Handed World
105 Teaching Students with Autism in an Integrated Classroom
106 When Students Push Your Buttons
107 Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties
108 How to Teach and Have a Life Too
109 Three Reasons to Actively Seek Criticism Versus Avoiding it
110 Moving Beyond the One Right Answer Trap
111 Three Do's and Don'ts to Start the School Year Right
112 The Hidden Cost of Teaching: Spending Out of Pocket
113 What to Do With Students Who Feel Entitled to Succeed Without Effort
114 Dealing With Parents Who Expect Special Treatment for Their Child
115 What Type of Teacher are You, Lone Ranger or Team Player?
116 What, Teaching STEM in Preschool, Really?
117 The Three Best Ways to Stay Passionate About Teaching No Matter What
118 Face to Face Versus Online Professional Development
119 Stop Teaching to the Test, Start Teaching to the Culture
120 What is the Best Way to Assess the Progress of Young Children?
121 Teaching and Caring for Shy, Socially Sensitive Children
122 Play Dough or iPads in Early Childhood? Experts say Both but...
123 Five Ways to Get Young Children to Sit Down and Shut Up, Well Sort of...
124 Why Young Children Bite, How to Talk About It, How to Manage It
125 Child Abuse:Understanding the Mandatory Reporting Requirements
126 Student Food Allergies: What Every Educator Needs to Know
127 Ganging Up to Fight Bullying
128 Oh Come on! Banning Chocolate Milk...Really?
129 Playing it Safe, Too Safe?
130 5 Proven Tips for Teaching Children with Attention Deficit Problems
131 Tell Me Again, Why Are We Arguing about Professionalism?
132 Why Do So Many Educators Feel Devalued by Other Educators?
133 Fine Motor Skills: What Are They, Why Are They Too Important to Overlook?
134 Four Strategies for Managing Unmanageable Students In The Classroom
135 How Classroom Setup and Clutter Affect Learning and Behavior
136 Is Teaching Keyboarding in Kindergarten Developmentally Appropriate?
137 Three Great Reasons and Ways to Move Your Classroom Outdoors
138 Teaching Together: Moving from Isolation to Collaboration
139 OMG! Parent -Teacher Conferences: Why They Fail, Making Them Work
140 Touching Children in the Classroom: Why No Touch Policies Are Harmful
141 Creating a Non-Competitive Climate for Children
142 Understanding the Child's Mind Body Connection
143 How to Help Children Learn to Read Well
144 The Dangers of Praising Children Inappropriately
145 High Test Scores, Low Learning: Why Good Grades Are Not Enough
146 Early Childhod Burnout: Are You Pushing Your Children Too Hard?
147 Developing Genuine Versus Phony Self Esteem in Children
148 Bringing Out Individual Talents in Children
149 The Importance of Being a Playful Teacher
150 Coping With The Parent From Hell!
151 Worksheets, Bad? Good? Depends...
152 Right & Wrong Ways to Teach Creativity to Young Children
153 Unteaching The Bad Behaviors Children Bring From Home
154 Teaching Strategies:How to Deal with Temper Tantrums in the Classroom
155 Digital Media: Great Teaching Tool or Big Liability in the Classroom
156 Teaching Strategies:Handling Young Students Who Just Won't Sit Still
157 Child Guided Versus Teacher Directed Teaching. What's The difference? Why it Matters?
158 Why Letting Children Fail Is Critical to Success
159 Five Reasons Why Children Are Often Burned Out by Third Grade
160 It's Not Developmentally Appropriate. So What?
161 Stress Based Learning Disabilities in Young Children
162 When Parents & Teachers Disagree About What Is Developmentally Appropriate
163 Five Tested Tips for Resolving Conflicts Among Young Children
164 Solving The Growing Physical Inactivity Crisis
165 Identifying & Nurturing the Intelligence of Movement
166 Settling The Great Bilingual Education Debate
167 Should Sex Education Begin in Kindergarten?
168 Nap Time - Needed Break or Waste of Time?
169 Handling Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in Early Childhood Settings
170 Learning From What's Working
171 Withdrawing Recess As Punishment. Does It Work?
172 Fostering Empathy in Young Children
173 Is Standardized Testing Producing a Creativity Crisis?
174 Developmentally Appropriate Discipline
175 The Value of Arts in Education
176 Children and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:What Classroom Teachers Should Know
177 Identifying and Nurturing the Gifted Child
178 Rewards for Academic Performance:A Good Idea?
179 Is Structured or Non-structured Recess The Way to Go?
180 The Benefits and Risks of Social Networking for Educators
181 Early Puberty: Causes and Implications for Educators
182 War, Gun, and Super Hero Play. Good or Bad?
183 What Are the Best Ways to Invest In Early Childhood Education?
184 Are Schools Effectively Teaching Collaboration?
185 Does Class Size Really Matter?
186 How to Make the Case For Movement in Education
187 Junk Science: Is The Concept of Multiple Learning Styles Bogus?
188 Are We Taking Playground Safety Too Far?
189 Automated Student Tracking: Is It Safe?
190 School Lunches: Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution
191 Are Children Smarter, Learning More, Sooner, Faster?
192 Will National K-3 Standards Harm or Help Young Children?
193 Can Kindergarten Standards Be Implemented in a Developmentally Appropriate Way?
194 Second Thoughts: Ooops! Why Rote Memorization is a Valid Teaching Tool
195 Pre-K Testing: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly
196 Study Challenges Classroom Free Play, Advocates Push Back
197 Moving Toward Child Development Requirements for Teachers
198 Ratings Scales for Child Care and Family Care Programs. Good, Bad or Just Ugly?
199 Should You Be Assigning Homework in Preschool?
200 Should You Have a Bachelors Degree to Work With Young Children? Maybe, Maybe Not
201 5 Ways Technology May Adversely Alter Child Development
202 At What Age Should Young Children be Exposed to Classroom Competition?
203 Why Kids Aren't Going Out to Play, Why They Should
204 Missing Students: A Bigger, Younger Problem Than We Think
205 Is Teaching Cursive Handwriting Still Important in This Digital Age?
206 Teaching Read: When is Too early, When is Too late?
207 Best Practices: Why is there a Disconnect Between What We Know and What We do?
208 Teaching Kids to Think Critically in the Age of Standardized Testing
209 Creating Praise Junkies: Are You Giving Children Too Much "Positive" Reinforcement?
210 Debunking 3 Big Fat Myths About Teaching Boys Versus Teaching Girls
211 Are We Moving From Common Standards to a Common Curriculum?
212 Managing Classroms With Punishment & Rewards
213 Understanding the Teacher/Parent Communications Gap
214 Why Play Time is Not Break Time
215 Yup! Today's Parents Are Different: What Teachers Need to Know to Survive
216 Bad Behavior: When to Ignore, When to Intervene
217 Time To Give "Time Out" a Time Out
218 Let's Get Real About What Makes A Good Teacher
219 How We Teach Girls To Have Unhealthy Self-Image
220 Avoiding Mistakes in Teaching Twins
221 When Is It Time to Quit Teaching?
222 Stealth Bullies: The Hidden Face of Bullying
223 Victims of Excellence: Teaching Children to Learn From Mistakes, Parents to Allow Them
224 Teachers Beat Down: 3 Ways to Fight Back Without Losing Your Job
225 Teaching Beyond The Test
226 Stressed Out Kids, Parents, Teachers, How to Cope
227 Handling Teacher Stress: Increase The Positive, Decrease The Negative
228 Fitting Fitness Into the Curriculum
229 Helping Parents Develop Appropriate Expectations for Their Children
230 How Much Homework Is Too Much?
231 Bringing Out a Child's Inner Spark
232 Trend Watch: Extreme Rote Teaching Growing in Popularity
233 Teaching Children Self Control
234 Nuturing Creativity and Curiosity
235 Bang! Bang!: Understanding Boys At Play
236 Understanding Different Learning Styles
237 Why Are Some Kids Are Smarter?
238 Teaching a First Born Child
239 Hey! Give Your Kids a Break!
240 Has kindergarten become the new first grade?
241 5 Myths About Children and Sports
242 Getting Dads in The Door
243 The Critical Need for Fantasy Play
244 Teaching Children to Listen

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