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Developmental Issues
Creating Individualized Education Program Based on Brain Research
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Kathy Johnson, Dr. Jann Gumbiner


Brain research has opened up new possibilities for creating customized learning plans for students.  Learn more...

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School Culture
Educating Black Teens: Three Persistent Issues and Challenges
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Dr. Rita Cameron Wedding, Ph.D, Marilyn Anderson Rhames


In this segment we explore several issues that persistently challenge parents and educators of black teens.

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Smart Money
Save, Invest, Grow: Financial Literacy for Teens
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Vince Shorb and Heather Wolpert-Gawron


Our guests argue that many of today's teens are poorly versed and ill prepared to manage money. What can and should be done?

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Playing the Game
Getting Your Teen on the Right Path to College
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Dan Evertsz, Patrick Larkin


There is much to be considered in choosing to go to college, from cost and time required, to job prospects after graduation. Tune in as we review the bases that should be covered.

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Playing the Game
Teen and School Sports: What Parents Need to Know
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Chris Koutures, MD, FAAP, Ugo Uche


In this segment we look at the issues parents should consider around teen school sports.

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