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Brain Exercises to Help Your Child Learn
Dr. Paul Dennison, with host Rae Pica

pic Dr. Paul Dennison, is the founder of the Brain Gym concept that enables what he calls whole brain learning. Dennison has identified specific exercises that can accelerate your child's ability to learn, remove learning blocks and increase overall learning potential.
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Raising a First Born Child
Dr. Kevin Leman with host Rae Pica

pic It's not your imagination. First born children are different. There is a reason they will likely grow up to out perform other children and there are some very special challenges you'll face with parenting or teaching a first born. Listen and learn why birth order matters so much and grasp the basics you need to know to manage and teach those special first born children
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Boosting Your Childs "Other" IQ
Rae Pica and Cheri Sterman

pic Your child's ability to find innovative solutions and imagine new possibilities is tied to a different kind of intelligence. In this segment Cheri defines this other creative form of intelligence and gives tips on how you can help your child boost his or her "other" IQ.
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Are You Putting ABC's Before Social Skills?
Mark R. Ginsberg, Ph.D.with host Rae Pica

pic If you believe that knowing one’s letters and numbers is the key to success in school, you may be surprised to hear Mark Ginsberg, executive director of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, say that social skills actually matter more. Relationships, Mark explains, form the basis for so much of what children do in life, and for how well they learn.
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Being a Confident Parent
Brenda Nixon with host Rae Pica

pic Brenda Nixon says confident parents are made not born and becoming a confident parent starts with what you think, expect and do right from the start. Listen in and find out how to create the foundation that will lead to your becoming an unshakably confident parent.
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