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Nuturing Creativity and Curiosity
Ginger Carlson with host Rae Pica

pic Ginger Carlson describes creativity as the desire to learn and believes it may be the most important trait that a parent can nurture in a child. Creativity and curiosity are being eliminated from many learning environments, but Ginger says it is the various aspects of creativity that support academics and helps children achieve.
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Selecting the Best Toys
Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. with host Rae Pica

pic Going to a toy store can be overwhelming, but Dr. Auerbach says that if you observe your child, you can be sure the toys you buy are age-appropriate and fit his or her interests and abilities. Learn how you can choose toys that offer your child opportunities for active play, creative play, and learning.  
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Teaching Your Child Self Control
Laura Berk with host Rae Pica

pic Research shows that effective self-regulation skills are an accurate predictor of both academic and social success, but children’s ability to self-regulate has diminished over the years. Listen as Dr. Berk suggests ways to help your child develop these important skills, which include impulse control; control of intense emotions; and ability to guide behavior with planning, thinking, and self-discipline.
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Should You Try to Boost Your Child's Brain Power?
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek with host Rae Pica

pic The educational toy market is a now a $20 billion industry. But child development research indicates that if parents provide children with a normal environment and the chance to play, they are boosting their children’s brain power. No special educational toys needed. Learn what the “real” educational toys and experiences are.
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Right and Wrong Ways To Manage Your Child's Food Intake
Ellyn Satter with host Rae Pica

pic Parents as food cops and children as food thieves. Ellyn Satter, a leading authority on eating and feeding, says that trying to restrict food intake will cause a child to become food-preoccupied and will wreak havoc with a family. Her novel approach to feeding emphasizes competency rather than deficiency, providing rather than depriving, and trust rather than control.
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