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Passing It On
Worried Parents, Anxious Teens   
Dr. Lamourelle with Lynn Lyons, Reid Wilson, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Jann Gumbiner




When parents' concerns and good intentions go wrong the impact can be distressful for teens. Is your anxiety creating anxiety and avoidance behavior in in your tween? How can you avoid this?


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Year in Review 
Teens More and Less Empowered in 2013  
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Annie Fox, M.Ed., Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Dr. Jann Gumbiner



2013 was a year of big challenges and accomplishments for teens.  Our guests weigh in with their take on the ups and downs of 2013 and their view of the road ahead.


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Home to School
A Look at the Causes and Consequences of Sibling Aggression 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Corinna Jenkins Tucker, Dr. Larry Curry, Patrick Larkin 



To some, sibling rivalries is a normal, typical aspect of the family dynamic, but our guests assert that sibling aggression is a bigger problem than many parents realize. Moreover the impact of sibling aggression can extend beyond the family.  


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Trend Watch
Understanding Dating Violence Among Teens 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Emily Rothman, Annie Fox, M.Ed., Ugo Uche




Dating violence is a bigger problem than many parents realize. Perhaps most surprising is the list of behaviors that qualify as dating violence. Some are psychological assaults that are so subtle that your teen could be a victim and not know it. Learn more...


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Trend Watch
The  Impact of the Teen Obsession with Body Image 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Louise Wasylkiw, Dr. Jann Gumbiner


The accepted ideal of an attractive appearance can have a profound impact on a teen's self image, physical well being, and mental health. What can parents do to help their teens develop positive body image no matter how they look? 



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