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Parenting Styles 
How to Nurture a Motivated Child
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Larry Ferlazzo, Dr. Jann Gumbiner, Nancy Flanagan



What really motivates teens?  Our guests contrast the authoritative parenting style with the authoritarian and permissive styles and their impact on teen motivation.



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Smart Drugs 
Teen Doping to Enhance Academic Performance
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with William David Graf, M.D., Patrick Larkin, Dr. Jann Gumbiner



Competition and academic pressures are driving many teens to take drugs they believe can enhance their mental performance.  Our guests bring parents up to speed on the array of problems with this trend and why smart drugs may be a dumb choice for teens.



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Liquid High: New Ways Teens Are Abusing Alcohol
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Dr. Robert Glatter, Ugo Uche, Michael Smith  



Driven by Youtube videos, teens are abusing alcohol in new ways. Various techniques are being used to vaporize alcohol and inhale it. The methods make the alcohol more potent and more addictive. This is a growing trend that every parent needs to follow. Learn more...

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New Mindset
Career Ready? What Your Teen Really Needs For What's Coming Next
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Lee Crockett, Joyce Valenza, David Truss


Reading, writing and arithmetic stil matter, but there is a  new set of skills that your teen will need to thrive in the future. But apparently, many parents aren't up to speed on these skills, why they are so important, or how they are taught. Tune in to learn more...

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Special Needs 
What You Need to Know About Engaging Gifted Children 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Chris Taibbi, Nancy Blair, Anthony Cody



Gifted children have special needs. How can you tell if your child is gifted and what do you need to know to help them make best use of their gifts?



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