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Work Ethic: The Values  Millennials Are Bringing Into the Work Force 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Jean M. Twenge, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Susan M. Heim




Are the values and work ethic of the generation entering the workplace significantly different from past generations? If so, what are the implications? What do parents need to know?


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Trend Watch 
Are Teens Losing the Ability to Read People? 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Wendy L. Patrick, Dr. Jann Gumbiner



In this segment our guests explore whether tech-distracted teens are losing the ability to read people and perceive dangers in their environment.

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Special Needs 
Coping Skills for Teens with Social,  Emotional and Sensory Sensitivities 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Dr. Lynch and Annie Fox, M.Ed. 



Being a teen is inherently stressful. Teens are constantly judging and being judged, as they struggle to find their identity.  For teens with social, emotional or sensory sensitivities, this stage of life can be particularly difficult.  Learn the basics you need to know to understand and help your teen through this period.


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Parenting Styles 
How to Nurture a Motivated Child
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Larry Ferlazzo, Dr. Jann Gumbiner, Nancy Flanagan



What really motivates teens?  Our guests contrast the authoritative parenting style with the authoritarian and permissive styles and their impact on teen motivation.



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Smart Drugs 
Teen Doping to Enhance Academic Performance
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with William David Graf, M.D., Patrick Larkin, Dr. Jann Gumbiner



Competition and academic pressures are driving many teens to take drugs they believe can enhance their mental performance.  Our guests bring parents up to speed on the array of problems with this trend and why smart drugs may be a dumb choice for teens.



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