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Special Needs 
What You Need to Know About Engaging Gifted Children 
Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Chris Taibbi, Nancy Blair, Anthony Cody



Gifted children have special needs. How can you tell if your child is gifted and what do you need to know to help them make best use of their gifts?



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Disconnected Teens 
Teen Apathy: "I Don't Care and You Can't Make Me" 
Dr. Lamourelle with Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D,  Shannon McClintock Miller



It's quite normal for teens to become uncaring about certain things at stages in their development. However, under some conditions teen apathy can be symptomatic of a larger problem that needs your attention. Our guests help us to understand the various expressions of teen apathy and how parents can respond.

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Dads and Teens 
Connected Fathers: Maintaining the Relationship Through the Teen Years 
Dr. Lamourelle with Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D, Ugo Uche, Deven Black



Where mothers start with a natural connection to their children, fathers have to take more proactive steps to connect with their sons and daughters.  The process can become more difficult during the teen years as adolescents begin to push away from parents in pursuit of their own identity. Our guests share insights and guidance for managing this difficult stage.

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Changing Views 
Surprise! Teens Need to Daydream  
Dr. Lamourelle with Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Nancy Flanagan, Shannon McClintock Miller


What teacher or parent hasn't said it, "quit day dreaming." Turns out that teens need to daydream and allowing time for teens to reflect is actually beneficial. Learn how to do it right.

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A Parent's Guide to Surviving Adolescence  
Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D., Dr. Jann Gumbiner, Susan M. Heim



Getting through adolescence is as hard for parents as it is for teens--maybe harder.  First you have to deal with losing the wonderful loving child you once had.  Then you have to do battle with this new stranger. Finally, you have to embrace a new independent young adult who may have little time for you.  Loss, conflict and acceptance are all part of the process.  Learn how to cope.

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