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Surprise! Teens Need to Daydream  
Dr. Lamourelle with Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Nancy Flanagan, Shannon McClintock Miller


What teacher or parent hasn't said it, "quit day dreaming." Turns out that teens need to daydream and allowing time for teens to reflect is actually beneficial. Learn how to do it right.

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A Parent's Guide to Surviving Adolescence  
Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D., Dr. Jann Gumbiner, Susan M. Heim



Getting through adolescence is as hard for parents as it is for teens--maybe harder.  First you have to deal with losing the wonderful loving child you once had.  Then you have to do battle with this new stranger. Finally, you have to embrace a new independent young adult who may have little time for you.  Loss, conflict and acceptance are all part of the process.  Learn how to cope.

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Tunring Over the Keys
Behind the Wheel: Is Your Teen Really Ready To Drive?  
Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Robert Foss, Ph.D., Susan M. Heim, Jerry Blumengarten



Today many teens and parents believe that driving is a right  automatically acquired as soon as the law allows.  However, our guests suggest that the teen brain is fundamentally unprepared for driving and that parents need to be able to determine whether their teen is ready. In this segment the offer tips for safely putting your teen behind the wheel.

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Critical Distinctions
Normal Teen Drama or the Onset of Serious Mental Health Issues?  
Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Dr. Michael Strober,  Kathryn Stamoulis, PhD., Nancy Blair



Teen drama and extreme emotional highs and lows are all part of normal adolescent development. So how do we distinguish typical teen behavior from more serious mental disorders in  the making? Our guest offer some guidance.

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Culture Watch
The Unique Challenges Hispanic Teens Face
Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Sula Goldenberg, Dr. Margarita Jimenez-Silva



Legal Hispanic teens face a variety of issues that come out of being bicultural and often bilingual. In this segment our guests discuss some of these issues and offer guidance to parents on helping Hispanic teens navigate this precarious stage of life.

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