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Play Time:
Are We Taking Playground Safety Too Far?
Jamie Freishtat, MD, Joe Frost and Catherine Holecko


Playground safety is a concern for schools, day care centers, educators and parents. The trend has been toward removing dangerous equipment and taking all reasonable steps to remove risk from playgrounds. But have we gone too far? Are we depriving children of the valuable physical challenges they need to develop well?

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Junk Science:
Is the Concept of Multiple Learning Styles Bogus?
Harvey F. Silver, EdD, Bruce Deitrick Price, & Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.


Some students are visual learners, some students are auditory learners, and others are kinesthetic learners. Right? Well, maybe not; at least the answer is not quite that simple. Our guests discuss recent research showing that commonly accepted notions about learning styles are wrong.  Looks like it may be time to update your understanding of learning modalities.

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Teaching Tools:
How to Make the Case For Movement in Education
Dr. Hillman, Sarah Lee, and Liz Willen

pic For many teachers and educators, making the case for integrating movement into the learning and developmental process is tough sell. This segment offers both relevant research and tips for educating administrators, parents and others who must be persuaded that movement is key to learning.
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Room for Debate:
Does Class Size Really Matter?
Eric Hanushek, Dr. Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Justin Snider

pic It is generally accepted wisdom that small classes produce better student outcomes than larger classes and there is data that supports this. There is also data that contradicts this notion, asserts that other factors have more impact on student outcomes and that the significance of class size is largely over rated. Tune in and join this discussion.
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Learning the Basics:
Are Schools Effectively Teaching Collaboration?
Susan Engel, PhD., Katharine Beals, PhD and Sarah Garland

pic There is a growing sense that as we've placed increasing attention on improving academic achievement, schools may be falling behind in fostering the basic skills required in a collaborative 21st-century environment. This segment explores how well schools are socializing students and meeting the challenge of preparing young people to function well in society.
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