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Second Thoughts:
Creating Praise Junkies: Are You Giving Children Too Much "Positive" Reinforcement?
Rae Pica with Ellen Ava Sigler, Ed.D., Margaret Berry Wilson, Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.


pic "Great job!" "That was very good!" Teachers and parents use phrases like these everyday to give positive reinforcement to children. But are we creating praise-addicted children by giving them too much unwarranted, rote and excessive praise? Turns out that positive reinforcement can be negative. In this segment our guests give us the basics on how to get it right.
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Best Practices: 
Why is There a Disconnect Between What We Know and What We Do? 
Rae Pica with  Susan Ochshorn, Virginia Casper, & Sarah Garland


pic Despite a plethora of research in the area of early childhood  education, much of it is not being transferred into practice.  In this segment we explore why this disconnect exists and what needs to happen to build a bridge between, research, policy and practice.
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Getting it Right:
Teaching Reading: When Is Too Early, When Is Too Late?
Rae Pica with Janet Doman, Carla Hannaford, Ph.D, Lisa Guernsey


pic Is early reading very important or highly overrated and generally misunderstood? Dr. Carla Hannaford points out that in our culture we believe that reading equals intelligence. This is false, she asserts, as our guests discuss the literature that supports and refutes the notion that the earlier children read the better.
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Changing Times:
Is Teaching Cursive Handwriting Still Important in This Digital Age?
Rae Pica with Dr. Stephen  Graham, Anne Trubek, Lisa Guernsey



Many believe that there is a correlation between the quality of a child's handwriting and their literacy and intelligence. Others assert that there is no relevant connection and, more importantly, that the advent of computers makes practicing handwriting less important.

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Beyond the Numbers: 
Missing Students: A Bigger, Younger Problem Than We Think
Rae Pica with  Hedy N. Chang, Kim Nauer, Sarah Sparks



Most teachers and parents have no idea how big of a problem absenteeism is in the early grades,  nor the impact it has on classrooms and children for years to come.  Moreover, a recent study found that most schools have no early warning system to detect chronic absenteeism before it becomes a significant problem. Find out what you need to know and what you can do.

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