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Teaching Strategies
Bad Behavior: When to Ignore, When to Intervene
Rae Pica with  Mary Gersten, Kate Williams, Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.



We could call this segment, "how to pick your battles." What is clear is that all undesirable behavior should not be addressed, every time, on the spot. Our guests offer insights and guidelines for determining when to intervene and when to ignore the behavior and allow it to take its course. 

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Teaching Strategies
Yup! Today's Parents Are Different: What Teachers Need to Know to Survive
Rae Pica with  Lenore Skenazy, Suzanne Tingley & Deborah J. Stewart



All of our guests in this segment seem to agree that today's parents are very different from generations past.  They cite diverse examples and offer a variety of reasons, but all prescribe useful tips to help today's teachers survive today's parents. 

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Teaching Strategies: 
Why Play Time is Not Break Time
Rae Pica with  Dr. Michael Henniger, Dr. Heather Olsen Ed.D,  Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.



Every teacher knows that when the children go outside to play, that's the time for teachers to have a break and for children to do their own thing. Well, today�s guests say that play time is not break time and savvy teachers put as much thought into planning play time as they put into planning the rest of the school day.

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Teaching Strategies: 
Understanding the  Teacher/Parent Communications Gap
Rae Pica with  Jennifer Prior, Laurie Linblad & Deborah Stewart



In America, early childhood professionals often look at parents as pests rather than partners in the education process. Some teachers dread the prospect of meeting with parents, and parents often are less than thrilled with their interactions with teachers. This segment looks at barriers to teacher-parent collaboration and offers bridge-building strategies.

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Teaching Strategies: 
3 Reasons Why Managing Classrooms With Punishments & Rewards is Wrong
Rae Pica with  Dr. Marvin Marshall, Dr. Deb Moberly, Maureen Kelleher 


pic According to a recent study, 98 percent of teachers are using punishments and rewards for classroom management, but are they really effective?  Are there better ways to motivate young students? If so, why are sticks and  carrots so popular?  In this segment we explore the difference between classroom management and discipline and look at creative strategies aimed at promoting internal motivation in students.
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