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Teaching Strategies: 
3 Reasons Why Managing Classrooms With Punishments & Rewards is Wrong
Rae Pica with  Dr. Marvin Marshall, Dr. Deb Moberly, Maureen Kelleher 


pic According to a recent study, 98 percent of teachers are using punishments and rewards for classroom management, but are they really effective?  Are there better ways to motivate young students? If so, why are sticks and  carrots so popular?  In this segment we explore the difference between classroom management and discipline and look at creative strategies aimed at promoting internal motivation in students.
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Mission Creep: 
Are We Moving From Common Standards to a Common Curriculum?
Rae Pica with  David Sherman, Tom Vander Ark, Justin Snider 


pic There has been some buzz around the topic of creating a national common core curriculum.  The notion has engendered quite a bit of push back, raising fears of loss of local control.  We invited two education advocates and a practicing teacher join us to explore the implications.
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Delusions of Gender: 
Debunking 3 Big Fat Myths About Teaching Boys Versus Teaching Girls
Rae Pica with  Dr Cordelia Fine, Abigail James,Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.


pic Are boys' brains and girls' brains fundamentally different? If there are differences, are they significant,  and do they really matter in the context of teaching? In this segment our guests identify and attempt to debunk the big myths about teaching boys versus teaching girls. 
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Second Thoughts:
Creating Praise Junkies: Are You Giving Children Too Much "Positive" Reinforcement?
Rae Pica with Ellen Ava Sigler, Ed.D., Margaret Berry Wilson, Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.


pic "Great job!" "That was very good!" Teachers and parents use phrases like these everyday to give positive reinforcement to children. But are we creating praise-addicted children by giving them too much unwarranted, rote and excessive praise? Turns out that positive reinforcement can be negative. In this segment our guests give us the basics on how to get it right.
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Best Practices: 
Why is There a Disconnect Between What We Know and What We Do? 
Rae Pica with  Susan Ochshorn, Virginia Casper, & Sarah Garland


pic Despite a plethora of research in the area of early childhood  education, much of it is not being transferred into practice.  In this segment we explore why this disconnect exists and what needs to happen to build a bridge between, research, policy and practice.
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