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Tips for Teaching Controversial Topics
Rae Pica with Diana Hess, Bill Bigelow, Dan Brown




Evolution, global warming, same-sex marriage, civil rights. All of these topics can be tough to teach.  In this segment our guests provide some guidelines.

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Teacher Talk
Stepping Toward Sensible, Valid Teacher Evaluations 
Rae Pica with W. James Popham, Lisa Nielsen



In this segment we look at formative and summative teacher evaluations and discuss what teachers can do to support more valid and effective assessments.

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Teaching Tactics
Using Social Media with Parents: What Works, What to Avoid 
Rae Pica with Kathy Cook, Erin Klein, Joe Mazza 



Social media is potentially a powerful tool for connecting with parents. What is required to make parent/teacher social media work?


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Teaching Tactics
Using Social Media with Students: What Works, What to Avoid 
Rae Pica with Kathy Cook, Erin Klein, Tom Murray




Some schools and teachers have strict policies against teachers engaging students on social media. Other schools and districts say the biggest mistake you can make is to not engage students through social media. Listen to the pros and cons.

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Teaching Tactics
What Savvy Teachers Know About Managing Disruptive Student Behavior 
Rae Pica with Kaye Otten, Nancy Rappaport, Jessica Lahey, Nancy Flanagan


Managing challenging behavior is part and parcel of being a classroom teacher.  In this segment our guests explore the drivers of disruptive behaviors, discuss traditional methods of responding to disruptive students and offer proven strategies.


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