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Second Thoughts 
The Hidden Challenges of Teaching Homeless Students
Rae Pica with Sarah D. Sparks, Barbara Duffield, John Spencer, Melanie Link Taylor



The problem of homeless students is greater than many realize. In this segment we take a closer look at the challenges teachers face and offer ways to manage this growing problem at the classroom level.


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Second Thoughts 
Rethinking Classroom Cell Phone Policies, High-Tech Cheating and the Meaning of Google Glass
Rae Pica with John Owens, David Thornburg, Jessica Lahey, Lisa Nielsen



In this segment, two camps face off on classroom cell phone policies. While some of our guests "just say no" to cell phones, others say cell phones are an asset in the classroom and Google Glass is going to be an even larger game changer. Learn more...

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Teaching Climate 
Two Teachers Share Their Candid Views on Dealing with "the System"
Rae Pica with Rafe Esquith, John Owens



Two teachers -- one with 30 years under his belt and one who taught for less than a year -- share and compare their experiences. Surprisingly, there are similarities as well as differences. Tune in to hear their thoughts on why some teachers make it and others don't, and how the system can ensure that more do.

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Year End 
Looking Back, Looking Ahead to 2014
Rae Pica with  Vicki Davis, Nancy Flanagan, Susan Ochshorn, Josh Stumpenhorst



As we look back, all guests agreed that 2013 has been an exceptional year in education. Events cited included developments with Common Core, the focus on connected educators and universal kindergarten. Tune in to hear the expectations and hopes for 2014.


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Analytical Minds
Designing Questions That Drive Real Learning
Rae Pica with  Andrew Miller, Sara Armstrong, Suzie Boss, Anthony Cody



Increasing numbers of educators are moving away from emphasizing content and toward provocative questions that promote higher-order thinking. What is the best way to design and present these questions? How can teachers align these questions to promote real learning and meet required standards?

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