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Back Tracking
Tracking Students Was Dead, But Now... 

 Rae Pica with Joann DiGennaro, Carol Burris, Patrick Riccards, Nancy Blair 



Grouping students by ability, or what was traditionally called tracking, fell out of favor a decade ago but is making a comeback. What's driving the resurgence? What’s the impact? What are the current pros and cons?

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Back to School
Your Classroom Management Plan for Day One: Setting Expectations 

 Rae Pica with Harry Wong, Nick Romagnolo, Nancy Flanagan, Deborah J. Stewart



Our guests say that having a classroom management plan and setting the right expectations for students on the first day is critical.  What's the best way to achieve this?  Tune in now and find out...


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Back to School
Making a Good Impression on Your First Day of Class

Rae Pica with Joe Martin, Larry Ferlazzo, John T. Spencer


No matter how long they've been teaching, fact is most teachers are nervous about the first day of school. In this segment our guests share their insights on  how to to get off to a good start on the first day back in the classroom.

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Changing Times
Student Plagiarism in the Digital Age: Easier to Do, Easier to Catch, Still a Challenge 

 Rae PIca with Jennifer Carey, Laura Hennessey DeSena, Steve Anderson



The digital age has made plagiarizing the works of others much easier. But new digital tools have also made it easier to detect submissions that have been "appropriated." Our guests discuss the problem, these new tools and best practices to dissuade students from plagiarizing other's work.



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Required Skills
iLiteracy: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction Online

Rae Pica with Robert Pondiscio, Brian Mull,  Lisa Nielsen, Joyce Valenza



Along with the many benefits of being able to freely access the world's information online comes the challenge of separating reliable information from unreliable. How can teachers help students avoid the scams, scoundrels and hoaxes that come with bringing the Internet into the classroom?

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