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Guiding Principles:
Managing the Tough Ethical Conflicts Education Leaders Face
Holly Elissa Bruno with Stephanie Sweeney, Peter Pizzolongo,  &  Justin Snider



Working through tough, thorny, ethical conflicts is one of the most difficult challenges education leaders face. In this  segment we look at how savvy leaders manage ethical dilemmas when they arise.

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Mental Assets: 
An Education Leader's Guide to Staying Sharp and Keeping Your Mind   
Holly Elissa Bruno with Barbara Strauch, David Bloomfield



How can leaders maintain a keen mind and stay sharp with age? How can we mentally manage the tsunami of information, increasing complexity and widening mental challenges we face as education leaders? Our guests offer insights and sage advice.

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Changing the Game: 
Virtual Schools are Coming, Will Your Job Become Extinct?   
Holly Elissa Bruno with Elizabeth A. City


pic Virtual schools are popping up and raising questions about what "school" will be like in the future? Where will learning primarily take place? What will be the role of  teachers? What will be the role of principals and directors? What should education leaders be doing and thinking about now to prepare for the road ahead?
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Street Smarts: 
Sabotaged by Staff: How to Nip Betrayals in the Bud   
Holly Elissa Bruno with Phyllis Chesler, David Bloomfield


pic According to our guest, too many women in education think of the field as a supportive family. In fact, she asserts, women in education often work in treacherous work environments that require keen survival skills. The issue is real, the topic is taboo, and the need to know these skills is critical to your professional career. Tune in now.
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Smarter Decision Making: 
The Dangers of Decision Making Fatigue, How Education Leaders Can Avoid Them   
Holly Elissa Bruno with Roy Baumiester, Susan Offutt


pic Principals and directors are on all day and often into the night, making decision after decision after decision. We know this is not a healthy practice, but who hasn't gotten into the rut of not taking breaks? Our guest says this practice can have profound consequences, compromising your ability to make sound decisions or even handle yourself in critical management situations. Learn more...
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