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Legal Literacy: 
Basic Legal Stuff Every Education Leader Needs to Know    
Holly Elissa Bruno with Suzanne Eckes, Matthew Militello, David Bloomfeld  

pic There is a certain amount of legal knowledge every school leader needs to know, including laws around student expression, special needs, disciplinary policies and discrimination. Tune in as our experts outline what you need to be legally up to speed.
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People Skills: 
How an Education Leader Can "Click" With Anyone    
Holly Elissa Bruno with Dr. Rick Kirschner and Eric Sheninger

pic Education leaders have to connect with  diverse people including  co-workers, parents, staff and senior management.  Getting along with many people at the level required to be highly effective, is a constant challenge for most leaders in the field.  Our guest today offers strategies for greater success.
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The Honor System: 
Leading With Integrity in a Dysfunctional Education System    
Holly Elissa Bruno with Dr. Andres Alonso, Dr. Stephanie Feeney, David Bloomfeld


pic There is a both pressure and incentive  to game an educational system that is dysfunctional and harming  students, teachers, and administrators. In this segment we examine the practical dilemma educational leaders face.
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The Surprising Role of Power in Education Leadership   
Holly Elissa Bruno with Batia Mishan Wiesenfeld, Eric Sheninger 


pic Fair, collaborative, participatory, consensus-builder. These are the qualities of the best education leaders, right?  Well, new research suggests otherwise. Tune in to learn why, how and when the ability to wield unabashed power is vital to education leaders.
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The Next Wave: 
No Smokers: Setting Up Policies Barring Smokers in Early Childhood Settings  
Holly Elissa Bruno with Jonathan P. Winickoff, MD, MPH; Suzi Brodof & Susan Offutt


pic Allowing smokers to work with children is a tough ethical debate. In this segment we dig into the question of establishing policies that bar smokers from working with children. Are these policies needed, appropriate, fair?  How should education leaders approach this issue?
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