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Humor, Surprise and Joy: The Ed Leader's Secret Sauce

Holly Elissa Bruno with Chad Caddell, James Detwiler, Joe Mazza



Our guests all seem to agree that although education is a serious discipline, we may be subverting our education goals by taking our work too seriously.  Find out why humor, surprise and joy are pivotal tools of great education leadership.

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Active Shooter Drills: What Every School Leader Needs to Consider
Holly Elissa Bruno with Dr. Ronald Stephens, Ken Trump, Dwight L. Carter, Peter DeWitt



The threat of gun violence in schools has given rise to the need for active shooter drills. But finding the right balance between realism and traumatizing students can be difficult. There are also liability issues to consider. Our guests walk us through the issues school leaders need to think about.

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Year in Review
Big Surprises in 2013, Big Challenges Ahead for 2014
Holly Elissa Bruno with  Dr. David Bloomfield, Michael Smith, Sue Offutt



We close the year with a look back and a look ahead with three of our most insightful regular guests.

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Creative Solutions
Using Dogs in Schools to Teach Social Skills, Heal Emotional Ills and Fight Bullying
Holly Elissa Bruno with  Adele Little, Ann Ditty, Joe Mazza



Our guest has developed a program that uses rescue dogs in schools to teach skills like empathy, heal emotional ills and fight bullying.  The program's director has reported significant success, so we asked a couple of school leaders to help us determine whether programs like these are a truly viable way to make a difference in children's lives.

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Leadership Challenges
The Conflict Between Collaboration and Individualism: Why Race Matters 
Holly Elissa Bruno with  Dr. MarYam Hamedani, David Bloomfield, Jill Berkowicz Ed.D



Collaboration is increasingly the mantra of the day. However, our guest's research suggests that encouraging collaboration can be de-motivating to some and that race is a factor. Her compelling insights may require you to rethink how you manage your staff. 


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