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Savvy Leadership 
Dealing with the Death of a School or School Program

Debbie Sullivan with Holly Elissa Bruno


pic The least talked about stage of organizational development is the death of an organization. When a school or program must close, employees lose jobs, student lose their teachers, beloved traditions die and a dream is again deferred. Lost jobs can provoke community anger, denial, grief, and often finger pointing at the leader. How can a leaders step up with compassion and wisdom when a program is forced to close down?
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Savvy Leadership 
Privacy in the Cyber-space Era: Have We All Become Public Figures?

Robert S. Peck and Brandy Ward with Holly Elissa Bruno


pic With the growth and popularity of social network, the meaning privacy is being redefined. How can a school administrator prevent staff, parents of students from posting unflattering, private or inappropriate information about the school or staff on line?
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Leadership Dilemma 
All The Children Are White. So What?

Louise Derman-Sparks & Justin Snider with Holly Ellisa Bruno


What if all the children in your program are white? All the teachers are white? Attracting staff and children of color may seem impossible. What if all the children are black? All the teachers are black? Should attracting teachers and children of other ethnicities be a priority?  After 55 years of desegregation,  segregated schools are alive and well. At this point does it really matter?

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Undercover Educators
Gays In Education: Don't Ask Don't Tell? 

Jay Mathews, Aimee Gelnaw, Finn Laursen with Holly Ellisa Bruno

pic Gay, lesbian, bisexual
and trans-gender educators are with us.  Many have never heard  this subject discussed openly...until now.  Is don't ask, don't tell the education community's unwritten  policy on LGBT educators? What should it be? Listen to this thoughtful,  provocative and insightful segment, with commentary by Jay Mathews of the Washington Post.
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Change  Agents:
49 Ways to Get and Keep Control of Your Classrooms

Doug Lemov, Jay Mathews, Debra Viadero 

pic Doug Lemov went out into the field to discover and thoroughly document what great teachers are doing in the toughest classrooms in the toughest neighborhoods in his community. His findings were distilled down to 49 specific techniques that can help create exceptional learning environments and provide useful insights to administrators, directors, teachers and parents.
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