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Leadership Challenges
Why Most Education Leaders Can't Get it All Done

Tony Schwartz, Justin Snider with Holly Elissa Bruno


pic Most education leaders today are working longer hours, working harder yet still feel like it's not enough. If you are emotionally and mentally taxed, over-committed, often feeling stressed or drained, our guest has some sound advice. Stop managing your time and start managing your energy. Tune in and learn how savvy leaders manage to do more by doing less.
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Optimal Leadership 
Do You Have the Courage to be an Effective Educational Leader?

Gus Lee and George Couras with Holly Elissa Bruno


pic Let's face it. It takes courage to launch a school program that makes staff uncomfortable. It takes courage to institute a policy that may make parents livid. It takes courage to disagree with senior management or the school board or to fight for some change that you believe is needed in your organization. It takes courage to take a position that may make you look bad or get you fired. Do you have the courage to be an effective educational leader? How can you develop more courage?
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Changing Winds:
Washington Power Shift: What's Ahead for Teachers, Students, and Classrooms?

Jay Mathews, Andrew P. Kelly, Lowell Johnson, John Musso, Dan Domenech, Sarah Garland  

pic The power shift in Congress may mean significant changes for the education community. Funding priorites and the disposition of many popular and unpopular programs are up in the air. There is tremendous uncertainty about what lies ahead for teachers, students and classrooms. In search of clues, we talked with six informed education observers, to get their view of what's coming next.
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Optimal Leadership 
Leadership Styles: What Works, What Works Better

Liz Wiseman, Greg McKeown, George Couras with Holly Elissa Bruno


pic Our guests today divide leaders into two categories, ":diminishers" and "multipliers." They argue that depending on your leadership style you are either extracting the most talent, insight and performance out of your staff or you are leaving over 50% of what you team has to offer on the table. Both styles work but one produces superior results. Tune in and learn more.
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Generational Leadership 
Manage Millennials to Get Their Best Work

Jeanne C Meister and Justin Snider with Holly Elissa Bruno


pic The new generation of workers called Millennials, tend to be less committed, have greater expectations, requiring constant and immediate feedback,and are in a rush to succeed. This segment explores the work ethic of Millennials and summarizes what 21st leaders need to know to manage and work with them.
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