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Partnership with Scholastic for Family Engagement  
Jodi Grant  with  Greg Worrell



In this segment we speak with Greg Worrel, President of the Scholastic Classroom and Community Group, about the FACE program and our partnership.


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Leveraging After School and Summer Learning for Student Success  
Jodi Grant  with Terry K. Peterson



Our guest just published a new compendium of best practices for after school programs. In this segment we discuss some of the insights in the publication about how to maximize student achievement though after school and summer learning programs.


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Rolling Out Core Competencies
for Afterschool Professionals

Paul Young with  Frank Eckles

pic For years, afterschool workers have indicated a need for a body of knowledge, skills, a culture and a code of ethics that would professionalize the field and lead higher levels of public recognition. In April, at the NAA convention, the  set of NAA adopted core competencies will be the centerpiece of the conference. Listen in to get a preview.
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How Afterschool Work has Changed,
and is Changing 
Paul Young with Dr. Karen VanderVen


pic Our distinguished guest has seen many changes in the afterschool field and sees many more ahead. Tune in and get a sense of the big picture, the road ahead and what it all means to you.
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Learn What 4-H is Doing in Afterschool and How to Collaborate with Them  
Paul Young with Dr. Nancy Valentine 


pic 4-H and the National Afterschool Association have a long and productive history together. If you are not currently working with 4-H, tune in to find out how this organization can help your afterschool program.
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Helping Young Kids to Live Their Best Lives  
Jodi Grant  with Sara Jensen-Fritz


pic Our guest co-wrote the book,  Every Kid's Guide to Living Your Best Life. The book focuses on strategies and games to help children develop essential social and emotional  skills. Learn how  after school programs can use these strategies.
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A Creative Example of Corporate Support  
Lisa Lucheta with host Jodi Grant

pic Beyond simply making a financial contribution there are many ways that companies in your community can support your after school program.  This program supported by Torani Syrups and Flavors is an excellent example that may give you some creative ideas.
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