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Making Connections 
Creating Productive Relationships with Parents
Linda Geigle  with  Linda Schumacher



The quality of the relationships you have with the parents of the children in your care can make a big difference on many levels. Our guest tells us that we have to work on developing positive relations early and offers some smart tips.

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Smart Bookeeping 
New Tax Rules for Family Child Care Providers
Linda Geigle  with  Tom Copeland  



Tax regulations for family care providers are constantly changing. Being informed about the newest rules can make a big difference in what you pay in taxes and how much money you get to keep.  In this segment we cover the main new tax rules you need to know.

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Smart Collaboration 
How Family Care Providers Can Benefit from Partnering with Headstart
Linda Geigle  with  Angie Godfrey  



Our guest believes that there are many benefits to family child care providers partnering with Headstart that go beyond simple funding. Tune in to learn how collaborating with Headstart can mean providing more comprehensive services to children and their families.

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Regulations Update 
New Crib Safety Standards for Child Care Provders
Linda Geigle  with  Nychelle (Nikki) Fleming  



Federal law has established a new crib safety standard and family child care providers will need to update the cribs being used by the deadline this year. Tune-in to get the details on the new standard, confirm if your current crib is in compliance and find out the deadline for getting your child care setting in compliance.

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Two Reasons Why You Need a Staff Baby Sitting Policy
Holly Elissa Bruno with Brian Crowe

pic If your staff provides after hours baby siting services to the families you serve, your center can be come liable. Tune in and find out what policies you need to put in place and how to set them up properly.

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