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Creative Strategies:
Too Much Sesame Street? Not Enough? 
Maryann Harman with Bob McGrath

pic Sesame Street is one of the most successful and most well researched child educational television programs in the world. Today, 40 years later each season is still heavily based on the latest research.  Music has been a key pillar of the format and today our guest shares with us what they have learned about the use of music in learning.
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Creative Strategies:
Using Music as a Teaching Tool to Enhance Learning 
Maryann Harman with Chris Brewer

pic Our guest is an advocate of using music creatively to teach children. Brewer shares examples of how music can be used to create a mood, manage a classroom and motivate students to learn. Tune in and find out about how to enhance learning with all types of music.
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More: Visit Maryann Harman's web site


Change Agents:
Music in Education is Fluff Right?  Wrong!

Maryann Harman with Eric Jensen

pic There is a prevailing sentiment among many educators and parents that music education is superfluous - a distraction from the important subjects. But increasingly researchers are finding that there is a strong link between music and development of the fundamental skills of life-long learning. In this segment our guest shares three reasons why music is essential to learning.
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More: Visit Maryann Harman's web site

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