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Pros and Cons:
War, Gun, and Super Hero Play. Good or Bad?
Gerard Jones, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Lisa Guernsey

pic There is a school of thought which argues that children need super heros and make believe violence to process the realities of the world around them. On the other side of this argument is the school that advocates for banning war play in schools and a zero tolerance policy toward violent play. Is fantasy violence a good thing or a bad thing? Does this kind of play blur the distinction between fantasy and reality? Is there a link between war play and the increasing violence we are seeing among children?
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Teaching Tools:
How to Make the Case For Movement in Education
Dr. Hillman, Sarah Lee, and Liz Willen

pic For many teachers and educators, making the case for integrating movement into the learning and developmental process is tough sell. This segment offers both relevant research and tips for educating administrators, parents and others who must be persuaded that movement is key to learning.
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Play Time:
Are We Taking Playground Safety Too Far?
Jamie Freishtat, MD, Joe Frost and Catherine Holecko


Playground safety is a concern for schools, day care centers, educators and parents. The trend has been toward removing dangerous equipment and taking all reasonable steps to remove risk from playgrounds. But have we gone too far? Are we depriving children of the valuable physical challenges they need to develop well?

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Room for Debate:
Study Challenges Classroom Free Play, Advocates Push Back
Rae Pica with Carla M. Horwitz, MS, Ed.D, Nina C. Chien & Fran Simon 


A recent study showed that pre-k students who took part in teacher directed instruction fared better in language and math than those who spent the majority of their classroom time in free choice play. The study challenges the foundations of those who advocate the need for more play and supports those who believe there should be more emphasis early academics. But as this discussion reveals the issue is not free choice play versus teacher directed instruction, but how much of each. Lean more...

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Changing Childhood: 
Why Kids Aren't Going Out to Play, Why They Should
Rae Pica with  Dr. Kwame Brown, Dr. Mary Rivkin and Catherine Holecko 



Today there are many  reasons why children are spending more time indoors than out. In this segment our guests explore the reasons, the results and make some recommendations for correcting the imbalance.

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