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Changing Winds:
Washington Power Shift: What's Ahead for Teachers, Students, and Classrooms?

Jay Mathews, Andrew P. Kelly, Lowell Johnson, John Musso, Dan Domenech, Sarah Garland  

pic The power shift in Congress may mean significant changes for the education community. Funding priorities and the disposition of many popular and unpopular programs are up in the air. There is tremendous uncertainty about what lies ahead for teachers, students and classrooms. In search of clues, we talked with six informed education observers, to get their view of what's coming next.
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Beyond the Obvious:
Waiting for Superman: Fact or Fiction?

Diane Ravitch, Jay Mathews, Debra Viadero , Valerie Strauss, Justin Snider 

pic Education insiders  say Waiting for Superman, a heart-rending documentary/movie about the struggles five children face in pursuit of a good public school education,  is grossly distorted, even dangerous.  The movie has received  high ratings from the public but those inside education  see a different picture.  In this segment former U.S Assistant Secretary of Education, Diane Ravitch and four education reporters aim to separate fact from fiction.
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Change  Agents:
49 Ways to Get and Keep Control of Your Classrooms

Doug Lemov, Jay Mathews, Debra Viadero 

pic Doug Lemov went out into the field to discover and thoroughly document what great teachers are doing in the toughest classrooms in the toughest neighborhoods in his community. His findings were distilled down to 49 specific techniques that can help create exceptional learning environments and provide useful insights to administrators, directors, teachers and parents.
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Are We Asking Too Much of School Principals?
Dr. Gerald N. Tirozzi  with Errol St.Clair Smith

pic Accountability without authority, excessively  long work days, and increased demands to reach academic outcome goals is leading to burnout and early retirement among school principals. Dr. Gerald Tirrozi, the Executive Director of  the National Association of Secondary School Principals shares his insights on causes and possible solutions.
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How Centers Are Managing The New Childcare Conundrum
Dr. Eric Karolak  with Errol St. Clair Smith

pic Childcare centers, parents and communities are having to make lots of very tough choices about child care.  Dr. Karolak is  Executive Director of the Early Care and Education Consortium, and he outlines for us what must be considered as these choices are being made.  His insighte provide useful guidance for childcare center directors.
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Big Changes Coming - Follow Them!



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Duncan"There are no jobs out there today for high school drop outs. There are almost no jobs if you just have a high school diploma. Some form of higher education has to be the goal of every single child in this country."

Arne Duncan  U.S.Secretary of Education

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