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Elephant in the Room:
Bias Against Commercial Companies in Public Education?
Errol St. Clair Smith with Steven Pines



Is there really a bias against private companies in public education?  Our guest says yes there is, but he's quick to point out that it is not pervasive, but it is growing. What's driving this bias and what can be done about it?

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Smart Moves:
Two Ways to Get More Bang For Your Education Marketing Bucks

Rich Kizer, Georgeanne Bender, Adrienne Watts Dayton, Bob Stimolo



Used to be a time when there were just a few ways to reach customers. Now we have direct mail, catalogs, direct sales, conference exhibits,  press releases, social networking, Google ads, various web sites, video  and on line radio. With so many choices, how does a marketer go about determining  how to get the most out of their marketing budget?

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Late Movers:
Why Are Education Marketers Falling Behind the Education Community?

Bob Stimolo, Lisa Schmucki, Sandy Fivecoat, Fran Simon

pic The education community has enthusiastically and rapidly adopted social media. Virtually every major education association and organization has a Facebook page, a Twitter page and is using online radio. Even the typically slow moving Department of Education is using social media as a marketing tool. Yet many school marketers are still sitting on the social media side lines. Why are school marketers behind the curve and does it matter?
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The Money Trail:
3 Pockets of Profitability in This Tough Education Marketplace

Bob Stimolo, Adrienne Watts Dayton  

pic It’s a rough climate out there for businesses selling products and services to the education market. But there are some bright spots, though apparently, not where most people think. In this brief segment we talk with two industry leaders who have their finger on the pulse of the education marketplace and know where education businesses can find the pockets of profitability.
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Big Changes Coming - Follow Them!



I Heard It On BAM Radio!

Duncan"There are no jobs out there today for high school drop outs. There are almost no jobs if you just have a high school diploma. Some form of higher education has to be the goal of every single child in this country."

Arne Duncan  U.S.Secretary of Education

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